Monday, February 14, 2005

Friends are fun.

lawgeekgurl : Whatcha doin'?
Claris : I'm making water
lawgeekgurl : Oh, okay. ::insert more conversation here::
Claris : ::mumbling:: Fuck. gradients take up too much memory. I need to reboot.
lawgeekgurl :Oh wait, you're making water on the computer...
Claris :What'd you think I was doing? I'm drawing on the computer, not like, reconfiguring the building blocks of the universe or anything.
lawgeekgurl :I dunno, I figured it was a euphamism for something, so I just...kept going. Wow. That's really hard, isn't it?
Claris :Yeah it is.
lawgeekgurl :Wasn't someone doing that a while ago? I remember seeing testing of graphics for that, & that it took them a really long time...wait, wasn't that you?
Claris : ::sigh:: sadly yes. I'm starting another project at work. I need to stop thinking shit up & going, "Yeah, I can do that!" 'cause after that? comes the part where I have to figure out how to make it happen.
lawgeekgurl :Yeah, that's generally a problem.

Actually, the best part of that conversation was where I referenced how they had to layer color onto gollum's skin as an example of what a pain in the ass it is to make natural 3-D textures, & the lawyer replied, "oh can't you just like, steal what they did or something? I mean, I don't think the LotR guys will be trying to buy ::stuff my co sells:: any time soon."
"Well I'm not actually making gollum. That was more an example."
"Right, plus stealing graphics isn't illegal at all."
"says THE LAWYER."


This is how we get one another into trouble, ladies & gentlemen....


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