Monday, February 07, 2005

I seriously think that one day, I might fall over. Gah.

Due to a series of unfortunate automative events (which, now that I've typed that out, will probably be the name of the article), I had the whole weekend to myself. Did I work on the editing that's dogged my sorry ass for a year? No.
Did I finish the pencil piece that's been on my easel for at least four months now so that I could start the painting I thumbnailed last week? Of course not. Although, actually, I did work on it. I just didn't finish it.
Did I do ANYTHING except the Laundry Borne of Desperation? no.
I ended up sleeping a lot & every so often s-l-o-w-l-y picking up my hovel of an apartment. It turns out that underneath everything that was on the bottom of my apartment, there's a floor! Really! I swept it & everything!

Okay, so granted I sat down on Sat. night & type out my day which turned into a 10 page article. And I had the pleasure of surprising a bunch of auto guys when we couldn't find wire to test the current on the fuse panel for my fuel pump & I pulled out a plastic covered paperclip & suggested we just strip off the ends since the plastic would work as insulation.
Which reminds me, I need to go let someone know about the 1st season of MacGuyver on DVD....

The point being that feel like when I finally have time to do shite, I just...don't get around to it, 'cause a part of me goes, "ooh, the couch looks comfeeee." ::sigh::

And then, today, I was looking at my semester schedule - I thought I was going to have a week inbetween Winter ending & Spring starting. No such luck, it would seem - Winter ends for me on Thurs. night & starts up again Tues night. The funny part of that being that thanks to the way they stacked classes this new semester, I'll actually have more days to myself than I did last semester - I get Monday & Wed. nights free. And w/o the Spanish class on Sat. mornings, I can get some sleep after Spiffy!Hotel on Fri night, since my class is from 1 - 4, after which I can stop at home, change, let the puppers out, & be back at Spiffy!Hotel for 6.

I would like to take this moment to say that I'd very much appreciate it if the universe would stop filling my brain with ideas of things that I then want to accomplish, because I just don't have the time anymore, thanks. No! Stop! No more! Shut up!!

However, tonight I shall use my time valeting at MB to go through & take notes on the last three chapters of xhtml, what with the final on Thurs. & all. Thought that'd be a good application of my time there, right? 'cause nothing says "perfect studying environment" like standing at a valet stand on Cahuenga Blvd on a Monday night...


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