Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Is Tinseltown supposed to leak like that?

so as you may have heard, it's been a little precipitation-heavy here in ye olde "L" to the "A" to the "ngeles".

Sadly, no one considered this as a possibility when they built the city. The result being that all sorts of things electrical are all wonky - the security keypad for our office was offline, phone lines have been down in certain places, etc.

But the best thing is the traffic lights. Because it would seem no one thought, "Hey, it might rain one day, why don't we get traffic lights that are waterproof?" All over the city, every so often you'll come across intersections where there's just...not a dang thing. For instance, on Sat night on my way to Spiffy!Hotel, I got the lovely surprise of the lights at the corner of Santa Monica & La Cienega being out. This is not a small intersection boys & girls. And this was at 5:45 on a Sat night. There was nothing to control traffic flow other than a blinking red light and the ability inherent in every citizen of Los Angeles to summon up every whit of their skills in the area of responsible vehicular operation.

Needless to say, I was ten minutes late to work.


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