Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What? I'm just sayin'...

Let's all give a hollah for my neighbor's unsecured wireless feed which I can shamelessly piggy back off of since I have the Tiny!Fast! Laptop from my company again for the night.

See, here's the thing - my car? Sucks ass. After this weekend's adventure, I was possibly prone to make "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" exclamations this morning when my engine decided to jump into overdrive & you know, stay there, then go down, & jump back up for the last four miles on the highway before I got to work. Therefore, the KIA? She's gettin' a transmission flush t'morrae. However, to do that, I'll have to take time out of work & use a sick day.

Or will I....Welcome to a little series we'll call "Conversations where Claris' thought patterns throw her boss off balance"

Claris : Hiya.
Boss : Hello.
Claris : So, I have a little problem. My car is acting up, so I need to leave it at the mechanic tomorrow.
Boss : That's too bad.
Claris : Well yes. Anyway, I figure I have two options - I could a) call you & you know, lie & say I'm sick when I'm not, or b) come in here & ask you if I could borrow a laptop & work from home tomorrow.
Boss : ::blink:: Um, I can talk to ITGuy, & we'll see what we can do.
Claris : Great!
Boss : What are you working on right now, anyway?
For those of you new to the game, my marketing director is...::cough:: interesting. He, um, I don't think he entirely knows exactly what it is I do, just that he ends up with webpages & pretty graphics every so often.
Claris : I'm taking the comp of the new site that the CEO approved & turning the code over to xhtml according to the strict dtd so that it'll be compliant with W3C verification. It pretty much guarantees mulit-browser cross platform compatibility. Plus, ITGuy wants me to take a look at finally clearing off the old server, so I need to go through those directories.
Boss : oh. right. That's...that's a good idea. What's the W3C?
Claris : World Wide Web Consortium that dictates the industry standards for scripting & code. Thanks for the laptop!

Besides, I don't think he's ever recovered from the conversation where he asked me about how I did a MOUNTAIN of print work if I have a concentration in web design, & I replied, "I actually have no idea what I'm doing."
"But, you put out the brochures, and DVD covers, and that media kit..."
"Yeah, I made it up."
"::shrug:: I made it up as I went. Can I go back to web work now?"

It's possible I frighten my boss sometimes. But that's okay. It's good for him, really. I mean, come on - I'm telling the truth. He can't really argue with it when I'm just that...blatant.

In other news, having Bourne Supremacy on makes me want to buy the score & mix up a couple of running sets using that & the score from The Italian Job. You know, in my free time...


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