Monday, February 28, 2005

Will trade time to sleep yet undetermined commodity.

--> I am wearing a pleated skirt today. it looked cute in the store, but in practice, the pleats don't fall right, & I feel vaguely like I'm in Catholic school again. (not like, in a dirty way. in the way where I'm forced to wear dowdy clothing.) I think this skirt's goin' back. Bye bye skirt!

--> Tech writer J & I are either going to bring about an entirely different approach for how our company markets itself (i.e., one borne in the last ten years) or we're going to get fired. It's a toss up, I'll keep y'all posted.

--> It's possible that the letter I sent to refile my refiled appeal (yes, we're on #3 here people!) for financial aid is going to give the Fin. Aid Dir. a heart attack, 'cause by no effort of my own, every time I do this, they've screwed up more. This time 'round I attached the letter from my undergrad student loan people informing me that the school I'm attending has told them I no longer go there, so they were going to take my loans out of deferrment. The hell? Danu's tits, dude - just give me my damn Stafford Loan for the hassle at this point!

--> Working at MB again tonight. Sadly, I have a feeling that work tonight will include more schoolwork while standing at a valet podium on Cahuenga, but none of the fun getting to hold an Oscar that it had last night. ::sad face::

--> Working tonight after working last night pretty much means about three hours sleep, which gives me a whopping six hours in the space of about 50 hours. My brain, she is of the tired. If I had the time to drink I would, but I have class Tues night & work Wed. morning. No fun for me....


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