Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yes, people, Anya's office is so clean & she is so proud of it, she sent me a picture.

I've decided, upon spending the day climbing through my company's web server & finding eight years' worth of files jumbled in with the actual, you know, live website, that I have two options -
a) solve the problems, clean the server, & rewrite the code for the present site we have live while I wait for content for the site redesign so that we'll at least be functional in the interim
b) quit.

Option b? Looking like the better option. ::sigh::

I had other witty things to say, but instead, we'll flash to my apartment last night:

Excuse me children - decorum is not your enemy!

These are things you say when you have two fifty pound dogs re-enacting the fight from The Lion King in your living room. Who needs kids?


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