Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Crack, huh? How's that working out for you?

Okay, I'm now willing to admit that I might be officially sick. I thought I'd be okay...last night I didn't feel like making the effort of driving to the gym, so I just did an easy four miles around my neighborhood. Granted, yes I had to stop every so often so I could huck up the phlegm as my system purged, but after a nice long salutation & a hot shower, I figured I'd be all set. Yeah, not so much. I woke up this morning & overslept an hour & a half from my normal Tues/Thurs (days I have classes) arrival time.
the meeting I came in for today (yes guys, that one) has been delayed until 2. I almost cried, 'cause that means I can't leave until 3 at the earliest. Fuck. I wanna go back home & curl up in bed with my dog and sleep for...well, pretty much ever. But I can't, 'cause there's class tonight, & homework to be done after, since I don't have a PC system at home & have to do all my work at school.

Speaking of which...got a call back from the Fin. Aid Dir. -- it seems the professor who charted out the program I'm in told him that he "can't comment on what the job availability is now for designers vs. developers." What? ::boggle:: You can't endorse your own program? I, just..I'm...oh fuck. I told Fin. Aid Dir. that he also asked a professor who would then have to admit he hasn't actually worked full time as a programmer in ten years, but if he wants, I can show him a dearth of job listings. I then hung up, called my recruiter over at Creative Circle, S, explained what was going on, & asked her to give him a call. S (who was also the one to once dub my current employment "fiscal rape") was like, "What? Are they on crack? there's FAR more developer jobs out there than designer jobs! Give me this guy's number, this is ridiculous."
So she's going to call him today & let him know that yes, I'm NOT insane. I swear to god, I'm this close to reporting the Fin. Aid Dept. to the CA Board of Education for harassment -- three appeals, a different requirement each time, I have to do all the legwork, and you're still dicking me around since November? I hate academic beauracracy so much right now. I'm going to ask the Fin. Aid Dir. to forward me the e-mails from the prof (this is, btw, the one that drove me BESERK in the fall semsester, for those of you keeping track). I have to sit down with the head of the CIS/CS Dept. anyway to see which classes I can pass out of, so while I'm there I'm going to ask why her professors can't support the Assoc. Programs they're originating.

Meanwhile, I needed a spreadsheet for store locations reformatted, but didn't feel like dealing with JT's asst. aka Mr. You're Not My Boss & I Don't Have to Listen to You Even Though My Boss Has Specifically Told Me My Job is to Collect Info. for You. So I asked the temp we have in here doing mailings to redo it for me instead. I can only do so many fights in one day, man. Even I get tired eventually, ya know?

But hey, this afternoon should be good times -- after all, I'm sick, I'm hyped up on Tylenol Cold & Flu, all I've been able to keep down so far today is half a gallon of orange juice & a chocolate chip scone, & hey! the other two women walking in with me are pissed off that we even have to deal with this crap. Should be good times. is it 2 pm yet?


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