Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday rundown

--> It's raining.
--> I'm bored.
--> I have an hour left at work, & the last thing I want to do right now is find XHTML compliant code for embedding my pretty flash animations.
--> I just realized I've spent all day on a design for a web site template, & I didn't include the links to the rest of the site, just the subnavigation for each section. I thought everything looked higher than before. Well, that would be why, wouldn't it?
--> The funny thing about that is that I presented the site to the CEO, my Mktg. Dir, & the entire sales team on Tuesday, & none of them realized it either! Sad, but true.
--> On the one hand, this would give me something to do for the next hour. On the other, I could piss off & not work instead. the risk of this being that I'll forget altogether to put the navigation in.

Knowing me, best to do it now...

on the upside, I have finally. found. my. perfect. BOOTS! Simple, less than 3" heels with a sold tread & non-pointy toes. It's only taken me about a year, but there they are, and as of next week's paycheck, here they'll be! In black first, & then maybe in brown just for safety's sake...


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