Thursday, March 17, 2005

oh, so you're a slacker too? Excellent!

heh.I went to submit my actionscripting assignment for tonight (what do you mean I'm only uploading with two hours before class? There's something wrong with that? *g*) & noticed that hey - my professor still hasn't picked up my assignment from the last time there was class two weeks ago.

Upload, refresh the course page -- suddenly everything's corrected & I passed that last one just fine. ::snerk::

It's kind of nice to know I'm not the only one that went, "Ah, we don't have class last week, I'll just procrastinate..." Now if only I could stay awake during the woman's class, I'd feel even better about it. Instead I have to take notes on the chapter before I walk in so I know what the hell she's talking about, because her lecture style is heavily accented & she has a very. soft. voice...

Ah well. As of about three hours ago when Big Daddy G called me at work to say he's in town next week & do I want to go to dinner next Thurs., I'm skipping it next week anyway, so pish tosh & all that. I'll have to do my homework on Sat afternoon since there's no rich people's cars this weekend 'cept on Sun night - somehow, I've got a crapload of social activities between now & next Thurs. - how the hell did that happen?

oh, and for those of you that asked, when I went to yesterday, I learned that I am indeed underpaid. Here I'm thinking I'm underpaid by fifteen k or so. Going just by my job title & metro area, I'm underpaid by almost fifty K. Oh god that's depressing. One less doubt as to a) getting out of my job & b) getting out of CA has been wiped away, lemme tell ya.

I'm debating if I should use the 45 minutes I have before javascript/asp to go to the library & actually take the copious notes I normally do on Sunday night during my MB shift of work. But to do that & fully concentrate, I'll have to go to my car first & get my CD player, because I just can't concentrate in dead quiet like the library would be. This, really, is why I need to get myself an iPod - for the academic benefits....


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