Thursday, March 03, 2005

a small list brought to you by the letters "f,u,c,k, & u"

• I am frustrated with my job.
• I am annoyed at the fact that I am proposing we advertise our company & its products in a way that surpasses the design principles of 1985 means that the other two designers are unwilling to support myself or the tech writer. For a product that's to be marketed to women, these men want to focus not on the product itself, but the patent enforcement & for a weight-loss/blood glucose product show a judge's chambers with a photograph of the patent enforcement information instead of, say an actual ad campaign built around, say...people.
• It bothers me that I've managed in the space of two days to concept, design & carry out a campaign proposal that half the women in the office have asked for copies of so they can put it up in their cubicles, yet I'm going to walk into the CEO's office sometime today with full knowledge that he most likely won't do it and instead will run yet another ad with beveled-edge squares and hazy films.
• I have decided that if this happens, I'm informing my boss that he should no longer ask me to contribute to the ad campaigns since obviously it's a waste of my time -- I'll just concentrate on the web pages & the subcompany that I'm Art Director of & don't get paid to be Art Director of where there's a Marketing Asst. who gives me attitude because "I'm not his boss" even though his boss told him when he was hired, "Claris isn't technically your boss, but when she needs something, it's your job to make sure it happens".
• I am exhausted from working this job 40 hours a week, valeting 20 hours a week on the weekends, and having three college class workloads to take care of.
• I had to leave a note for my neighbor to ask her to walk my dog today because I have to go up to school early. I have to go up to school early today because last night I just didn't have the energy to go there to do my homework after an eight hour workday and a two hour drive to get the 15 miles from my work to my house because no one thought that hey, maybe we should make the roads in California a little better reinforced so they don't have sinkholes when there's rain.
• I wish I could just get an ANSWER from Fin. Aid to know if they're going to give me the damned loans because I really don't feel like having to contact the VP of Academic Affairs, but if I don't get an answer today I will. I have to go to school to do my homework because I haven't gotten the loans I need to buy myself the materials I need to do my schoolwork at home.
• I hate that my job is so underpaid that I even have to ask for these loans.
• I'm terrified that my car is going to just die any day now.
• I am this close to bursting into tears because of all of the above. I'm just sayin'.


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sorry I missed this post yesterday.

Hope today goes better!


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