Tuesday, March 15, 2005

unexpected results....

ETA: Hello to everyone in the military that keeps coming to this post.

First off - dude, you're looking on work servers? GREAT way to get busted.

Second - I know because if you read this blog, I'm a programmer. of COURSE my blog has a tracking script on it. Why? Because I'm a geek.

Third - The hits for this entry have gone beserk on my sitecounter over the last few days, and they're coming from US military servers. Which leads me to ask...guys, what odd keyword did I show up under? Seriously, you can tell me - half the guys in my family are/were in the service, so I promise I won't be shocked if it was the phrase "kitten fucker" that got you here. it's actually kind of funny.


"Once you use up all the memory, that's it. Your computer hangs."
- legitimate comment by my scripting professor regarding infinite loops.

This comment of course involved my brain instantly having the vision of a computer in a situation similar to that of one of those stereotypical "kitten hanging from a tree branch poster" that says, "Hang in there".

Now, the above comment is common enough from me. The part that makes this entry truly messed up? That I did a google search looking for an image of that poster to link to, & used a google search for kitten poster hang in there - because I'm thinking, hey, that should do the trick.

Sadly, the following actually showed up on my screen :
... Slow-mo power kitten fucking rules. posted by goetter at 10:46PM UTC on December 19, 2004. ... I think they're getting a lot of action, but hang in there ...

Dude. That's just not right, yo.


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