Monday, March 14, 2005

Yes, I totally took a picture of that car.

Actual plate on a car that I parked this weekend :


--> Other than that...normal chaos, waiting for the last bit of info to go to the fin. aid dir. so that he can finish my loans (yes, I got a vm on Fri saying that they just wanted confirmation on Item A & they'll go with it - 'bout time, dammit.)

The last week has left me very tired of all this - LA, my job, valeting for stupid rich people, everything. If nothing else, I feel that much better about my decision to start looking at an elsewhere to be by Labor Day. I just need to get my money sitch settled & work towards The Plan Of Escape.

Plus hey - one of the first steps in The Plan Of Escape is for me to fly Anya in, ditch my KIA & buy a new car, using my student loan money so that I don't have car payments when I move. That alone is kind of motivating!

I was thinking I might look at getting a Scion xA in a 5 speed. They're little, but I can still fit da puppers & stuff in it, they get good gas mileage, & this is LA, so even though they've only been out for two years, I can get a 2003 that's come off of lease, or, since it's that's been repo-ed. *grin*

Anybody got any suggestions on what car to look at?


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