Monday, April 11, 2005

Bite Me, Bulk Retailers to Whom We're Pitching a Product.

I never want to see another pallet shipper again. And at this point, it might be easier from now on to just bring in my Nikon & shoot the fucking mock ups myself to get pictures that won't require hours of Photoshopping.

In other news, I think I've managed about eight hours' sleep since Friday morning. I hate this crap, dude. I'm tired of dealing with stupid drunk rich people, I'm tired of my job where no one gives a goddamn... On Wed. morning I'm driving down to Chatsworth to apply for my car loan with the co. credit union - get rid of my piece of crap & lower my payments, that's the goal. Hurts though. I only had $1500 left on that car before I was payment less & fancy free. Ah well, such is life, right? Totally. I e-ed one of my freelance clients whose fiance runs a restaurant & asked if they have any staff positions open - server, bartender, etc. She says they're full on their opening, but wants me to come down for dinner later this week to take a look around. S'all right. I was going to do their website anyway, so maybe we can push that project along...

I've got about an hour left to finish this trade show banner. Then I'm going to go home, do laundry and cook so I have food for the week...& clean the place up while everything's in the oven/on the stove. (Stew & lasagne, that's tonight's cooking goals. Long term food that I can put into individ. portions in Gladware & not have it go bad.)

Somewhere, my dog is playing with the neighbor dog whose owner was kind enough to answer her cell phone tonight, & my dog is thinking, "Didn't I used to have a Mommy?"

I dunno. I'm tired, & my bullshit tolerance is, well, as Anya put it, "You're at a point where you go from 0 to FuckOff in...well, it's not even a full second is it?"
"It's possible we're at point-seconds, yes."
"Or nanoseconds! You're helping science discover new increments!"
"As long as this is all for the good of others..."


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