Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh fuck me -- is there anything better than making up brochures for green tea?

Hey, check that shit out - in my mocking enthusiasm, I rhymed! I'm overly proud of that.

On the one hand, I was a responsible adult today & went up to the company's credit union to get a savings acct. so I can apply for a car loan & acquire a vehicle that would be able to pass CA state emissions testing & therefore you I have to sit down & fill out my loan stuff this weekend.

On the other hand, unless I use vacation time, I'm here until 8 pm tonight 'cause the credit union's all the way fuck up in Chatsworth & my work is about 30 miles south of that, so I didn't get here until 11:30. However, since OzLady's just landed in town, methinks there might be some vacay time utilized today. Or sick time. I'm almost never actually sick, so I kinda use that classification ... loosely.

oh god I'm bored. I never want to see another map, piece of parchment, or the color green again. Can someone call whichever of my WhyAren'tYouAtMyHouseWaitingToRavishMe Candidates is about & tell them to come get me? It'll work great as long as Prince Charming doesn't mind that we'll have to pause to give my Monster Mutt a chewbone & then close the bedroom door to ensure privacy.

Oh, and a shuttlepod from Enterprise drove past me on the 101 S. (well, the flatbed truck was driving - I'm guessing the shuttlepod decided to cheat & catch a ride) As the daughter of a Trek person (liked the shows, didn't like, do conventions or anything) I have to admit I had a "NO WAY!" moment. I guess they're dismantling the set. Ah, the little inanities of living in Los Angeles...


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