Thursday, April 21, 2005

well that's...odd.

Last Sunday my phone rang twice with an 800#. Since a) it was Sunday, & b) I was in the middle of a meeting with a freelance client at the time, I hit decline. When I tried to call back the 800# later (no message left!) I got the customer svc. line for my own cell phone provider.

Ever since then, the commands for my voicemail have been in Spanish.

The funny part?

After almost three years in LA, this did not phase me, & the first time it happened, I figured it was a glitch in their voice recognition software & automatically replied to my own phone in Spanish asking for the English options, & when I realized that wasn't the case...I've just been following the commands for my password in the like in Spanish for the last week 'cause I haven't had a chance to call my cell co. & ask them to reregister me as an English-speaking customer. But hey! Now I know new stuff, right? Totally!


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