Monday, April 04, 2005

wow. Life, Art...

I know will undoubtedly mark me with a BIG! FLASHING! NEON! SIGN! for the geek I am, but I thought it was amusing that last night at MB, I was reading a copy of Emma by Jane Austen while a girl named Emma was holding a bday party with a guest list so long that she actually scheduled her friends invitations so that they arrived in shifts so that arrivals would be staggered & she'd be able to talk to everyone. Every so often, I'd look at the book, look at the tiny blond girl, & think, "Wow. That's ironic."
No, I do not normally read Jane Austen. But B&N has this whole set of classics in like, 3x5 size books that fit in my nike backpack perfectly & can come to valet with me - they're lovely little canvas-bound hardcovers with gilded pages & a real ribbon bookmark bound in...and yes, for the whopping price of $3.99 each + tax, I will indeed buy a classic book because I think it looks neat. You should see my obsession with Shakespeare. Which reminds me - I really need to start looking for used bookstores, because I have not as yet found a copy of Hamlet that I like...
Is it a bad commentary that I know the plotline of the book because I remembered that it was the inspriation for Clueless? From Intellectual to PopCultureIgnorance in .005 seconds, that's me!

Meanwhile, Emma & her buds were at ye old MtotheBtotheWhyTheFUCKamIStillHere? until past midnight. I was able to pull my last three cars up to the curb & leave by 12:15...but of course, you can never go to sleep straight away, so I don't think I dropped into the blessed abyss of a blessedly exhaustion-induced-dream-devoid unconsciousness until about 2 am.
...and then I was up again at 6:15.

::insert moment to cry here - okay not really, but at 6:16 am, I was damn close, lemme tell ya::

Meanwhile, I'm putting together my media kit for my portfolio & resume -- I keep seeing white or cream linen folders that would be lovely to hold my resume, references & a couple of ad sheets for "take home" samples that the recruiters/prospective freelance clients can have... but I'm me, &, um, I want red. Dark red, preferably. Deep dark blue would work if I had to. I figure if nothing else, a folder of a distinctive color is less likely to get put aside without them at least opening it to see what's inside, right?

So...anyone know where I can get deep red linen or heavy cardstock folders?

I'm not against mail order, so specialty shop suggestions are welcome...'cause hey - the internet, it's my bag.


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