Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I know that it's perfectly normal corporate, but after two years at a company where there was a definite...lack in structure, there's still a part of me that smiles a little to hear the writer in the cube next to me say, "oh no, I'm perfectly happy to work with you, but I think there's another dept. that handles that...have to follow proper chain of command protocol, you know how it is...."

Dude. there's like protocols. You gotta understand - the job I just left, I literally became infamous because I had the ability to freak my boss out to the point he was known to ditch out of the room to get his inhaler because my habit of simply staring at him while he was trying wiggle out of his actual, you know, job reponsibilities & it seems that he couldn't handle that & it induced an asthma attack or two. So the fact that there's structures, & protocols is both neat & odd.

I mean, on the one hand, if they're there, you don't have to be the dept. biatch that has to go, "Um, maybe we should have a uniform way of doing projects?" On the other hand, if you're the person that ends up initiating protocols, you can pretty much do them to suit yourself, since a) it seems that SOPs weren't done before, so no one knows you're just pulling it out of your ass, & b)the minute anyone protests, you'd be surprised how the calmly asked question of "Well, do you want to do it? 'cause I've got a couple other things I could take care of, so if you have time, that would be a huge help!" will suddenly have people backing away & going, "No, actually, your way is fine, really."

It's a period of adjustment, really. And amusement. 'cause it's me & there's always amusement.

The berries taste like burning...

ye gads, my brain is dead. And it shouldn’t be – I have like, TEN things I could be doing now. Am I doing any of them? Natch. Instead, I’m randomly reading blogs of lawyers & law students (you guys are way funner than programmers, by the way) and trying to convince myself not to fall asleep.

The thing is, Spark!Co, this new gig…dude, it’s easy. Easy-peasy easy. And when you go from a job where you’re running all day ‘cause you’re overseeing about three ad campaigns to one where your new boss goes, “We’re going to be busy when you come back from vacation, but not so busy that you won’t have time to look around the internet and the like. I think having time for that is important.”
::blink:: m’kay…

I dunno. If nothing else, I feel kind of guilty at my sloth. I’m still waiting for them to hook me up with MS Access & then I can do my semester project while I’m here – I’m going to make a store locator database for my old employer’s site (I designed the site, it’s not like I don’t have a copy of their code at home!) and after I’ve turned it in for school, I’ll sell it to them as part of my freelancing since that means that they’ll be able to update their database online w/o needing a programmer to hard code it. Two birds & all that good jazz. Gotta get JT to send me the updated excel sheet so I can break that bad boy down by state…hrm.

Meanwhile, I’ve used my free time at work to finish the timeline of the 2nd book that Anya requested, & I’m seriously considering bringing in the writers’ guide that Golden had me get so I can grab the exercise for character development & make a profile for each of the main characters & some of the B arc. If they’re going to give me a 50% increase in pay over my old job & not that much to do for now, I might as well bang away at some of my side projects, right?

Right. Totally.

Oh, and E. Spat? lawgeekgurl says you’re not allowed to talk to me on AIM during class ‘cause if she had to suffer through the gulag w/o this “AIM mumbo jumbo”, so do you! *g*

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I just realized I should probably change the bio of my blog, since I'm not valeting at Spiffy!Hotel on the weekends anymore. Let's be honest, I probably won't be sleeping any more (at least not between now & the 2nd week of June), so the title is still applicable.

Seriously, I'm totally going to enjoy this summer. The new job is less than brain-busting, so I've already started back in on writing Vol 2 of the Coven books, and I think I'll be able to address editing the first three chapters of Vol. 1 to start sending them out the way that Golden's been saying I I have like, three canvases thumbnailed out already so as soon as I get rid of that dresser in my living room (anyone need a heavy pine dresser? It's really nice, it's just too big for my apt. Sell it to you for the $100 I bought it for off craigslist!) I'll turn that corner of the apt. back into my studio. 's gonna be grrrreat!

I think Sam was right - even if I had all the money in the world, I'd still be the busiest lazy person ever.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Things that make you go, "erm..."

So I get into the elevator this morning upon arriving at work & notice that the certification for the elevator? Expired in 9/2004. Considering I now work for a major utility in So. Calif., that's, um, that's kind of ironic, ha ha, can't keep up with their own beauracracy & all that, ha ha...

An hour later, I go to get myself a spoon for the morning yogurt...on the way back, I find that the elevator next to the car I took to get down to the 1st fl. from the 4th fl. is, um...rather out of order - it's got a sign & the door just keep opening & closing. And acc. to the maintenance guy, the elevator that I just took to five minutes ago? Is now out of order as well.

I looked at the third car, considered the sitcheeayshun, and took the stairs to the fourth floor. Figured that was the prudent way to go, thanks.

Friday, May 13, 2005's been at time.

I typed a whole post, then lost it. bugger.

Must. hit. save. more.

So far I have...

--> Gotten new day gig.
--> Quit old day gig with four days' notice.
--> Quit valet gig at Spiffy!Hotel.
--> started new day gig this Monday.
--> been asked to work for old day gig as "consultant"
--> worked almost a full week at Spark!Co.
--> still done a couple hours at SG 'cause they needed projects finished.

I'm having that moment where I don't know if I did the right thing. I mean, yes, more money (a fuck of a lot more money, if we're going to be honest - my private reaction when I got to my car after they named the hourly may have been nervous laughter) but creatively it's not that big a challenge. I won't have to work nearly as hard here. There's a lot more structure & it's all very very corporate, which basically means I have to suppress the tendency to

On the upside, I will have a great deal of experience with project management and basic site upkeep, plus I'll have large scale site maintenance. Plus it's a contract gig for three months before either myself or my employer decides if I'm to become full time perm, so if I leave after three months... well, in the design industry that's a natural progression to work as a contractor or consultant. I know designers who have literally freelanced or been placed by firms their entire career.

In all truth, I'd said before that I was thinking of just taking a high-paying contract gig for the money & then bailing on LA at the end of the summer. I think that three years counts as having given California a chance. Or LA, anyway - I've been working so much since getting here that I haven't been anywhere else in CA. (which reminds me...I should really go to Disneyworld before I leave. Just 'cause.) Considering the contract work that SG needs done & the money I'll be getting here...I could do it. I could bail & go to UnNamedCityI'dBeenEyeing. Who knows. Maybe I'll venture out there 4th of July weekend & look around, since I won't have to work on the weekends anymore.

I don't know. I just... I don't know. I think part of it is that I'd spent so long having to run things at SG (to a degree) that it's very hard to just step away & not know how that's going to end up - especially since I'll be in & out of there all summer, which means I'll probably see the person(s) that they hire to replace me. And JT - love that boy, but he doesn't understand why I left. He hasn't said anything, but I know he's pissed at me for bailing. I do you explain to someone who's never had to pay their parents' rent so that the family has a roof over its head what it's like to be piss fucking poor? I don't know. I think the two of us are going to have a chat. or an e-mail. Possibly better not to say that in person. I have to call J today when I get out of work - she's going to be sitting in on the interviews for my replacement for PG, & based on what he was saying to me yesterday, I want her to make sure he hires the person that's right for the job, not just hire someone quickly to prove to me that he can move on w/o me there. First off, it'll screw him over & he's on his second assist. in two years because that's the way he hires, & secondly because I don't want to get a phone call in three months because he's let my replacement go & wants to know if I can come in & consult to clean up the mess.

It's's flux. it's all a big ball of flux, because I'm changing jobs, so my paychecks are off their normal cycle until the end of the month, & I'm going away to help lawgeekgurl move, so I'm working at my new gig for a week & a half, then going away for a week, then coming back to the new gig & still having to make arrangements with the old gig to make sure that the source material will be ready for when I get back, otherwise there's no reason for me to even go in there. Oh, and to add to the fun, I've got finals between June 1st & June 14th. So hey - no pressure!

My brain is hurty. And somewhere around the 14th of June, I can sleep a full night.