Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I know that it's perfectly normal corporate, but after two years at a company where there was a definite...lack in structure, there's still a part of me that smiles a little to hear the writer in the cube next to me say, "oh no, I'm perfectly happy to work with you, but I think there's another dept. that handles that...have to follow proper chain of command protocol, you know how it is...."

Dude. there's like protocols. You gotta understand - the job I just left, I literally became infamous because I had the ability to freak my boss out to the point he was known to ditch out of the room to get his inhaler because my habit of simply staring at him while he was trying wiggle out of his actual, you know, job reponsibilities & it seems that he couldn't handle that & it induced an asthma attack or two. So the fact that there's structures, & protocols is both neat & odd.

I mean, on the one hand, if they're there, you don't have to be the dept. biatch that has to go, "Um, maybe we should have a uniform way of doing projects?" On the other hand, if you're the person that ends up initiating protocols, you can pretty much do them to suit yourself, since a) it seems that SOPs weren't done before, so no one knows you're just pulling it out of your ass, & b)the minute anyone protests, you'd be surprised how the calmly asked question of "Well, do you want to do it? 'cause I've got a couple other things I could take care of, so if you have time, that would be a huge help!" will suddenly have people backing away & going, "No, actually, your way is fine, really."

It's a period of adjustment, really. And amusement. 'cause it's me & there's always amusement.


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