Monday, June 20, 2005

Freak Beacon update.

My neighborhood is, at times...somewhat odd. Just last weekend, I had a random older hispanic gentleman come by & because I was the only one home, drop off a pizza for my neighbor. For some reason, B did not have to pay for this pizza - I was, needless to say, wary of this, but I couldn't seem to refuse to take it, despite my saying that I was, you know, refusing to take it. So it sat in my fridge for two hours, me all the while waiting for it to like, blow up or something.

B gets home, & I knocked on her door & went, "Um, honey? This got dropped off for you, and you don't owe them anything...?"
Yeah, it seems the guy who owns the little hole in the wall grocery store around the corner took a shine to B & whenever his son (who works for Domino's) brings home extra pizza, he drops one off for "Betty". (which, incidentally, isn't her name)

Is it just me & my Northeast US. puritanicalism that's kind of weirded out by the fact that some guy B. didn't know not only knows where she lives, but also just... decided to start dropping food at her apt? 'cause I keep noticing that about LA - people you don't know will be like, "Where do you live?" and I'm not talking about like, the guy you meet in a bar - I mean the barely speaks English guy behind the counter at Subway. Yah dude - like I, as a single white girl in LA, am gonna tell you my address. because when I say, "around here" - that's a nice way of saying, "yeah no." Of course, this no doubt causes me to have less free pizzas delivered to me door, but I'm actually kind of okay with that.

But I mean...what is with that? I was walking to target yesterday, and some random guy passing me stops & starts shouting, "Honey, how'd you get a body like that? Because damn, I want that body - you might think you're fat but baby black men like it like that! All men like it like that, don't you listen to what the tv says - can I go home with you tonight?" And it wasn't like I stopped to listen - I just kept walking as soon as he'd enunciated "honey" - the rest of that was shouted down the street after me. That's great. Thanks. Not feeling the least bit conspicuous now, and who the fuck do I see about getting this freak beacon removed? they can do every other kind of removal surgery in LA - fat, skin, hair, and, it would appear higher brain functions - there's gotta be someone that can take the "Please talk to me crazy people & skanky guys" sign off & replace it with "would be happy to go on a decent date with someone worth having a second date with" sign.


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