Friday, June 17, 2005

Hi, I'm a geek.

1. I saw the following today as Wil Wheaton mentioned in his blog he'd bought this :

 SELECT * FROM users WHERE clue > 0
0 rows returned.

2. It's possible that I just figured out how to rearrange a section of code by doing a search & replace instead of having to correct 567 files individually*, and it's possible I had that silent moment of triumph in my cubicle where I point both index fingers at the screen in a silent "SWEEET!" gesture.
(for my fellow geeks, I had to move a graphic into the a href tag, but each link connected to a different html page - However, since the text for the link only has two options, I'm going to move the graphic code forward rather than attempting to move the link code back)

I think I need help.

also, I kinda need to change my bio - I'm not valeting anymore, but I still don't sleep any more or with an increased regularity in I suppose the title of the blog still applies....


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