Wednesday, June 22, 2005

is that your idea of an afternoon pick me up? 'cause it sucked.

So I get this msg. on my phone at 12:30 - "Hey Claris, this is Whoever at AgencyHandlingMyContract@Spark!Co. We wanted to let you know that we didn't get your timecard for last week, so your paycheck for this week will be delayed since it had to be to us by 11 am today."

Now, since I turned that bad boy in on Fri, my mental reaction was something to the effect of - WHAT?

So I call up - yeah, no, they found it. guys couldn't call back to tell me that? Seems I was like, in the second round of...somethingurudder, so they called me by accident.

Well, um...yeah! That was spiffy. Nothing like a heart attack to get you going in the middle of the afternoon!




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