Thursday, June 23, 2005

There are 63 servers that control my ability to do my job.

Today, they're all dead. And yet, I'm still here at Spark!Co.

There's some boredom, indeedy do there is. But mostly there's goofing off, reading other people's blogs, and shopping. Okay not so much "shopping" in the technical sense as "browsing because I don't hit fiscal stability until about the 2nd week of July & a lot of snarky comments". But hey - that's how I shop.

Actually, I took my last consulting check from Old!Employer and dropped it on a secured credit card with my bank. I've avoided credit cards for the last three years or so due to financial mishaps I've seen others undergo, but I figure it's time to get at least one so that I can do things like rent cars & buy airplane tickets & shop online w/o having to obsessively check my debit card statement & worry about when the money will come out so I don't fuck up the math & incur an overdraft fee. I'm gonna be a grown-up one day people, just you wait & see. I should recieve it 5 - 10 business days from Tuesday, so we'll probably try out the system of "transfer money to the card, then go use the card" for rental car agreements & hotel reservations the weekend of July 18th when I attend the sweaty nerd con in San Diego.

Got home last night & was rather trashed (exhaustion not partying, sadly) I laid down on the bed, set the alarm for an hour from then, thinking I'd get up & do all the thing that needed doing.
That was about 8:30.
I woke up at 6:00.
Hrm. Guess I needed sleep then. oops...

Note to self - when setting up the numbering of items on a page, the nomenclature of "1, 2, 3, 3..." doesn't work. Maybe I need more sleep. or maybe I got too much?


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