Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Well we all knew I had a loose wire...

..and now it's official.

As of late, the Clarismobile hasn't been wanting to start. Therefore, knowing my luck, I decided to bring it in to the mechanic last friday rather than have it die on me on, say, 4th of July weekend when there's not a damn mechanic in the whole town. I bring it to the Best!Mechanic!Ever!, explain that it just doesn't like starting, but everything else is working as well as it ever does. Am informed that it's most likely either the battery or the starter.
Well, if you've read my saga about A Series of unfortunate automotive events, you'll know that I replaced my car battery earlier in the summer. So I spent the next three hours walking around my neighborhood doing errands & worrying about how I was going to afford a new starter. ::sob!::

Turns out? Loose wire in my ignition. No charge.

::fist of triumph!:: sweet!


you know, that film site? The one with like, three hundred individual pages? And how I was so happy to be done with it?

They just handed me another CD with about 60 more photos.


job security, that's what it is...


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