Friday, July 08, 2005

done yet?

my brain is verra tired. I had to excuse myself to Melly yesterday because right now I'm mostly writing reports & correcting code, so whenever anyone says anything to me, my knee-jerk response has been to reply, "You should go write that down first." Seriously. Ask Sachiel. *g*

Oy, though. Didn't I get an art degree? Not to sound all cliche & shit, but come on - I'm an artist, damn you! ::shaky fist!::

Actually, I have to admit that it could be worse. My boss at Spark!Co. (who I believe I shall call NZGuy rather than "my boss at Spark!Co" because I'm too lazy to type all that) admitted to me today that he's been writing so many reports lately because of the re-org that he's just been sending all of the day to day site maintenance and a couple of the special projects my way & apologized for the extra work. Considering the man had just found out someone double-booked him for three meetings that crossed over one another by about an hour, I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm still not able to fill my day. ::shrug:: I used the opportunity to ask & make sure I'm doing what he needs, is there anything I could be doing better, rah rah rah (nine months of temping when I got to LA teaches one these preventative steps) and was told no no, I'm doing just fine, much better than expected.

Got home last night, took the puppers for a four mile jaunt. I think we both needed it. I was only going to do three miles, but then I remembered that my gas tank was on "E" and I had no cash in my wallet, so we tossed in the extra mile to go down to Cresent Height/Santa Monica Blvd. so that I could make an ATM pit stop.

I think the monster is going to get her play at the park tonight, & then I'm going to once again be a mean, horrid mommy & leave her in the house while I go & do file miles. I got to the end of the four last night & I was still stiff when I went to stretch. The problem with progress is tha tyou have to do more to get the same effect that less accomplished before. And really? That's so not fair.

came across a job ad the other night for what would basically be the PERFECT gig for me to use to move out of LA. I'd not thought I'd be considering that until about Nov. after I'd finished up the job & gotten that invoice paid. However, I decided to send in a full portfolio sample anyway. it can't hurt, right?

it's possible you've been making too many lists lately to get things done when you find yourself writing a shopping list that contains "new notebook for lists".


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