Thursday, July 14, 2005

three minutes left at work.

someone wants my dresser! they're going to come get it Sat am, which is spiffy. more room & $80 for me. and just this morning I was thinking that I'd have to give the St. Paul society a call to come get it. (Out of the Closet doesn't do pick ups.)

I'm at this odd precipice right now. As far as work goes, the day job is literally a cakewalk most of the time. In terms of freelance work, I'm doing a rather large commission gig tonight that will allow me to drop a good amt. in the bank & also take care of some odds & ends, including fixing my economic cycle to the point where my landlord will get rent before the 1st of each month. (I know, he's gonna be shocked too. Or at least he would if he actually picked up the checks. he's a little lax in the part where you pay attention.) For long-term freelance, the amt. of things to do for SG has dwindled down to literally one side of one page of a steno pad.

I feel like I'm making progress. Finally, maybe making progress. How lovely would that be? so. very.

Hence that second. It's that odd second in the storm where you look up & hey, check that shit out, there's the edge of the clouds. My problem being that I'm so used to living in the middle of a maelstrom that I'm wary of the end.


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