Tuesday, August 16, 2005

the daily fun of corporate america.

Yet another corrupted to welcome to the fold...
So the Not!Lawyer for SG came back from maternity leave and had some critique for the new site - amongst that being that she didn't get that the three buttons at the top that said "Purpose Science Media" actually led to pages containing such information about each product, and could I make that more obvious?

Tech Writer J heard that & responded, "What? When you roll the mouse over the words, you get a line underneath & the cursor becomes a little hand - that means it's a button! Has she never used the internet before?"

heh. And to think J was such a nice girl when she got hired a year ago...

For meeby, who had a "discussion" linguistic issue earlier today - ahaha...my boss on the phone kills me :
"Okay, we're now to formally formalize? What does that mean?"


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