Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I have been having a less than optimal day. Whole big thing with an arm in a box. However, since there is no chocolate, I shan't have time to go get myself something involving copious amts. of meat, cheese & bread, and I won't get to the gym until at least 9 tonight...I decided to go to tequilamockingbird and pick a random story from the archives.

no bad dogs, only bad owners
I'm rather tempted to print that out & send it to my mom with the caption, "And you thought MY dog was bad?"

I know I talk about work a lot in my blog (because let's face it, what do you think I'm avoiding when I write here?) but it was rather odd to have my boss come up & inform me that that in the pool of candidates for my job (I'm a contractor at the moment) there were only three candidates, and I'd managed to score the highest over the other two.

Now, the practical part of me is rather chuffed 'cause rumor has it if I get hired I'll be paid even more than I get now, and shit man - the money here as a contractor was good enough for me to quit two other part time jobs.

However, the snarky part of me is happy that I'm now "scored" as being qualified to interview for a job that I've been doing for three months now. Am I the only one finding irony in that?

cubicle-land quote of the day :

"Well, we'd like to do that, but sadly there are people here that are dumb."

~ overheard as I was walking out of the 4th fl. break room, aka, the place where I get the hot water for my ambrosia known as starfruit tea.


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