Thursday, August 18, 2005

No blinkey-blinkey magic here!

a little bit back, I remarked to someone in an e-mail that sometimes I think it might be nice to be either less competent or severely more stupid. After all, they seem to be having a good time, right?

Of couse, then I look at the incompetent & stupid & realize that I really don't like them, so that wouldn't work.

But today it seems like it might be fun for an instant or two.

What brought that about? Well, yesterday I got a phone call - one of the Acctg. guys from SG had an uncle who needed a website - by like, Saturday. Could I do that?

"What? No!"
He was horribly disappointed to find out that I'd want a two week minimum window for a basic site, and yes, I did have a small worksheet of questions that I make my clients fill out with little questions like, "What is the purpose of your site?" 'cause hey, I'm wacky.

I then hung up the phone & may have uttered the phrase "Who the fuck do I look like, Genie? There's no blinky-blinky magic here, people! No one's dreaming of me!"

I am attempting to integrate our template into the program that we run with Mapquest, & it's missing one gray line, which I described as "and it's still missing your gray line at the bottom."

"No, it's our gray line," he tells me. "It's the company's site, and we run it."

I snorted & replied, "Yeah, well much like the disobedient child in a dysfunctional family, right now it's your gray line."

Thankfully, he laughed. I have a feeling I might get hired here just because I amuse my boss.


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