Friday, August 05, 2005

Why yes, I am a geek.

I sat in a job interview yesterday (I wasn't looking, but they called me & for this place, it's an honor being nominated, so when I found myself at 2nd interview, off I went!) and tried to describe how it is that someone with a Fine Arts degree could end up with a programming background & heavy project management experience. At the time, I sort of laughed it off as my being a highly unusual art major.

Today, I took a page of code that was done entirely in blockquote structure Side note : who the fuck thought that'd be a good idea? and redid it in a table so that when it's added to once a week...well it went from :




and I sat back, and was inordinately happy about the fact that I'd just wrestled something into a nice, neat piece of code. It made no difference to the user, looked exactly the same. Pretty much the only people who would even know about it or it would ever impact would be me & my boss.

But nifty code makes my geeker brain happy. Because at heart, I really am just a simple, simple girl. *g*


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