Friday, September 16, 2005

and we'll finish this Friday with a vaccinated dog, and PAIN.

Zoey went to the vet. She is, it would seem, stupidly ridiculously healthy. Which I totally couldn't tell by the fact that my dog will run four miles with me, and when we get home, do laps around the courtyard. Freak.
But now, she's a vaccinated freak. And I think that's important.

Did a favor gig valeting for VotD last'd been about two months since I'd valeted. I think 4th of July was the last time. Was kind of amusing to discover that I'm like an elder, for lack of a better word. been working for VotD for over a year? That's the equivalent of forever! heh.

Also, in doing an intranet for VotD (I'm not just a valet, I'm also their new web designer - long story), I have created a really frellin' pink site.

I mean, it's BARBIE pink.

That was traumatic. And yet, I don't hate it. This, for me, is almost progress. See, I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm becoming a better person.

Okay, probably not.

Have decided to bite the bullet & get a different car. Which sucks because I got the title for my present car like, this week, but honestly, for the money that I'd pay to fix everything on my car, I could just go take a Jetta off a trust fund baby. besides, with gas prices, no more SUV, thankyouverymuch.

I have a small wound on my palm - I got a blister from rowing and popped it. It's only about the size of like, two pinheads side by side. So yesterday in the shower, I didn't really think about it, & automatically went to use salt scrub on my legs. For those of you not familiar with salt scrub, you apply it just like lotion - by putting it on your hands & rubbing it on your skin.
Salt scrub also contains a good amount of astringent.

On the freshly opened blister on my palm.

Now, I've got a pretty high pain tolerance (after all, when I open a blister, I spray it with camphor facial astringent to clean it) ...but this one? Dude, I think my neighbors across the street heard my cry of "Mother of FUCK!"

I decided not to exfoliate the other leg.

I think this is a wise choice.


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