Friday, September 09, 2005


(4:15 am) Get up to go to crew.

(4:45 am) ..realized I need gas. Stopped to get gas...couldn't find my wallet. Oh no. Come on, I put it in my backpack last night while I was on the phone with Sally, where the hell...can't find it. At all.

(4:55am) Drive home...bring my gym bag & my backpack into the house where there's lots of light, take everything out of both bags. My wallet somehow fell into one of my schoolbooks - open so that it laid flat & wasn't easily detectable.

(5:10 am) At this point, there's no way I'm getting to the Marina on time, & when the sport involves a bunch of people leaving to go out on the water in a boat, it's not like you can just...join in with the group as they circle the track, so if you're late, you pretty much shouldn't bother. Frell.

(5:15 am) I figure, okay fine, I'm already dressed, I'll just...go for a run, then shower & go to work.

(5:20 am) Get to corner that starts my normal running route...hit play on my CD player...error msg.

(5:21 am) Open CD player, discover there's no CD in there.

(5:22am) Give up. Walk back to apt., take off gym clothes (dropping them on gym bag 'cause I didn't work out so they're not dirty & that's less laundry to do!) put on oversized flannel shirt that can work as nightshirt for now.

(5:30 am) Go back to sleep for an hour.
Lessons learned :
1. Fill up on gas the night before. Otherwise, I would have just gone to crew, & eventually found my wallet when I went to buy breakfast at work, & none of this would have happened.

2. I really need an iPod.

The. End.


Got to work this morning, managed to accidentally delete my entire inbox. Permanently. I never thought I'd type the following sentence, but thank god for Lotus Notes. The calendar's to-Do lists have all my files in each task, so at least I didn't lose data, just the e-mail addresses of a couple of you. oops.

So if you e-mail with me at work...could you e-mail me at work? Because I've lost your e-mail due to being an idiot.


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