Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Good idea...bad idea...

Anyone else remember those segments in Animaniacs Things like
"Good idea...do it yourself home improvement...
Bad Idea...do it your self dentistry..."

This is pretty much a small sement of the Bad Ideas portion of online dating.

To guys everywhere:
If you're going to put yourself on the Salon.com personals, or really any personals section, I offer these tidbits.

--> Never ever EVER put up a photo of yourself having a moment of projectile vomiting.

No, never.

Really. Never.

::hand up:: no! I don't want to hear how funny it was at the time. Just...never.

--> And to the guy dressed up as a pirate complete with eyepatch & fake stuffed parrot on your shoulder - amusing, but you're possibly going to do worse than the projectile vomit guy.

--> My favorite amusement so far has been the guy who took his obligatory picture of himself by standing in front of a mirror in the men's bathroom and holding up his cell phone. Dude, you couldn't photoshop out the urinals? Personally, I'm just glad there was no one behind you using them.


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