Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Well, the East Coast explains it, then.

I find it amusing that my company is so large that I get Out of the Office Msgs that Such & Such will be on vacation, and I look at the e-mail & go, "And you are...who?"

::shrug:: at least someone's got vacation time!

Let's see, it's been a bit. Short version?

  • Still alive.
  • Still employed at day gig.
  • Ditched former employer as freelance client. Interesting story there, but eh, they're gone, I'm not worrying about it.
  • After four years, my car is finally paid for!
  • And four days after that happened, I found out I needed new brakes, a new catalytic converter, and I'll probably have to replace my springs & struts. Anyone know how much new springs & struts will cost? I've already done the brakes & I have the catalytic price, so that's my only remaining mystery.

    that's kind, really. My life just isn't that exciting, I suppose.

    I'm rowing with the Intermediates at crew now, which consists of people who race and people who are there for amusement, but are better than the novices. I got moved up earlier, so while the other novices joined our group this morning, I'm already in the lineup of boats with the Big Kids, so to speak.

    I gotta admit, I totally feel like I was just the smartest kid on the short bus. they just move way faster in some points. And I know the whole deal where I'll eventually learn, rah rah rah...but right now I suck and the overachiever in me is having issues with that! ;)

    I also started school again last week. Only one course for the moment - mostly 'cause I can't seem to get into the school's online registration to sign up for the online course that begins on the 19th. I'm highly vexed by this. Vexed, I tell you! ::shakey fist::

    you know that professor? the one that's really cool, & knows their shit, but you don't eff around with them? They're not going to let you skip the test w/o explanation & make it up, you can't play dumb & be coddled. Yeah. That one. That's Professor M, who I have this semester for Advanced Internet Scripting and Web Applications - or, as I call it, Advanced Geekery.

    Anyway, some chick comes in about half an hour before the end of the first class and is all, "I couldn't find the classroom, you are the teacher, you have to let me in!" I exchanged glances with one of the Russian guys that was in another class of mine with Professor M, and we just shook our heads - Congratulations WhoeverYouAre, you are d-e-d dead.

    Professor M walks her out of the room, then they both come back ten minutes later. Miss Couldn'tFindTheRoom (which hello, it's not a really BIG campus) wasn't in class last night. Part of me feels like I should feel bad about the fact that she probably got a new one ripped into her, but you know what? After three years of trying to work and go to school in California, I have to say it's effin' nice to see someone actually have consequences for something. I think that's part of what bothers me about LA the most - everyone's so goddamned afraid of hurting someone's feelings. Well, you know what? Sometimes, that's just the way life works.

    One night, I had the shocking audacity to request at SG that they fulfill the contract they'd signed & turn in their source material to me. In some companies in CA, it would seem that assuming a company will keep to a signed contract is like, blasphemy or something. Afterwards, I literally had the CEO of SG say to me, "Where are you from, anyway?"
    I answered "Originally New York, then grew up in New Hampshire."
    "Ah. New York. Well, the East Coast explains it, then."

    Heh. Because you see, the fact that I'm from the East Coast explains why I thought it was necessary for them to wrap up a contract they were six weeks over on completing. And that's just one instance. I seriously thought this was just me until I ended up talking to other people from back East. Totally seperate conversations with people who have never met one another & we all would end with the same sentence - "I have no idea how they get anything done out here!"

    I could go on about this for way longer, but I won't because I didn't expect to end up here by just commenting on the fact I got to see a professor snark a student.

    Incidentally, I found out last night that Professor M is from New England. I guess the CEO of SG would say that explains her too. ;)


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