Friday, September 30, 2005

When everyone worried about burning, I found snow.

Last night, I stayed home from doing anything because the vacuum tube on my car had a crack & was being replaced.

I was bored.

Those of you who know me are aware that the previous sentence is an idication that mischief shall ensue.

Here's the thing. As I've mentioned, my apt. bldg. has its quirks...including the appliances. When I first moved into the studios in the back, I had an oven that could cook anything in half the time that the recipie said. It wasn't burnt, it just seemed to work REALLY FAST. Meanwhile, in the 1 bdrm I'm in now, I have a fridge that's kinda...wonky. It is indeed extremely cold. So cold that even though I leave it on 5, inevitably a block of ice builds up over the top right half - and I do mean block. Every six mos. or so, I will clean out my fridge and melt that bad boy down by putting a hair dryer in the fridge & closing the door for about 15 min, then remove the hair dryer for half an hour & letting it cool down before starting again.

Last night, I decided ah what the hell. The last time I did this was the night before I was supposed to fly back east...I cleaned the house from front to back because I was afraid if I went to sleep I'd miss my shuttle to the airport. so what with that having been ten months ago...yeah. I'm lazy, and it was a really big block of ice. But I started up the hair dryer that Anya bequeathed me when she visited & was horrified to discover I didn't own one, and went to go watch last week's ep of Bones. Yes, I kinda like it, shut up.

Anyway, so about an hour later, I hear this THUNK. since the hair dryer wasn't even going at that point, I go over to see what the hell that was - the block of ice had fallen off completely. and holy crap was this thing heavy. I tossed it in the sink (before I did that, I had to quickly do my dishes, but I will cop to the fact that for about thirty seconds, I considered just letting the block of ice melt on the dishes to "help" them "soak". ::cough::)

Then I opened the freezer.

Snow. My freezer was full of ice & snow.


Something like gotta share that, right? I mean, snow in the middle of West LA at the end of Sept....really, that's a present that one should never just keep to themselves. Therefore, I got a big ball of snow, packed it really well, and walked to knock on my neighbor J's door. J is a lovely guy from TN, and I'm sorry, but there's just something really fun about gay guys from the south. maybe it's the accent, I dunno. Anyway he opens the door, & I cheerily annouce, "Present!", hand him a snowball, and walk away. Behind me, I hear, " is great!"

So on a day when a fire burned 26 sq miles of Southern California, I stood in the courtyard to my apt. bldg. and threw snowballs for my dog.

Unfortunately, when I get home tonight I have to do the part of cleaning the fridge that involves 409 with Bleach. Less fun!

Note to co-worker...if you have actually spent so much time in meetings that you've gone ahead & made a "facilitator's kit" so that you can just pick it up & go to run a meeting in a pinch...
...maybe it's time to re-evaluate how much time you're spending in meetings.

Just a thought.


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