Tuesday, October 11, 2005

sorry guys

Spam in my comments w/in 30 seconds of a post means I've turned on word verification.

online dating conundrums.

I asked E. Spat this yesterday, but I have to just repeat it here so I can share the messed up quandries that run rampant in my life with you guys -

...if the guy that sends you a msg. on the salon.com personals looks just scarily like a guy that you were interested in at one point...what do you do? Now, I'm not talking like, kinda-sorta-maybe...I'm talking like I sent the picture to Melly & she had the reaction of "Holy Crap!"

so, if I were to approach new guy & just think of Past Boy as like, practice for this new, Deja Vu version...does that make me shallow(er)?

also, hit on a really hot guy today on the personals. Probably won't hear back, but yeah. I pretty much just gave into lust & attempted to be witty. I'm sure I failed, but I get points for trying, right?

Friday, October 07, 2005

So one of our PR guys just called me about a chinese subsite ...

PR Guy: "It doesn't look right on my machine...how's it showing on yours? can you see it?"
Claris: "Well it doesn't look right to me either, but that's probably because I ....don't speak chinese"
PR Guy: "It looks like, well, gobbledeygook..."
Claris: "PR Guy, neither of us speaks chinese!"

It seems he was missing the plug in to have the chinese characters even show in his screen, so he was just getting squares. But seriously, I thought he was just effin' with me.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Irony sucks!

Define irony*:
*irony for me on a Saturday morning, anyway

Having accepted a gig to valet a bar mitzvah at the last minute on Fri night, you find yourself sitting outside a set of gates in Malibu. Lacking the gate code, you go to call the supervisor for the party, only to discover that not only do you need to renew your phone minutes because you're absent-minded & forgot, but due to the fact that you used your cell phone as a backup alarm clock, you have no battery, which means you can't renew your minutes over the phone & people can't even leave you voicemail msgs. until you get back to W. Hollywood & can plug your phone in.

The irony?

The interview that I did for Co. #1 in Woodland Hills? Was for a company that actually makes backup external batteries that you can hook into your cell phone, which also charges the phone while it's being used. During my interview, they actually gave me a sample for my phone.

That backup battery, a product created by a guy in Norway specifically for the situation I found myself in....was on the kitchen counter of my apt. in W. Hollywood. Way to go me!

As of last night, that backup battery is now in my glovebox. See if I can't avoid a repeat, thanks'n'g'night.