Tuesday, October 11, 2005

online dating conundrums.

I asked E. Spat this yesterday, but I have to just repeat it here so I can share the messed up quandries that run rampant in my life with you guys -

...if the guy that sends you a msg. on the salon.com personals looks just scarily like a guy that you were interested in at one point...what do you do? Now, I'm not talking like, kinda-sorta-maybe...I'm talking like I sent the picture to Melly & she had the reaction of "Holy Crap!"

so, if I were to approach new guy & just think of Past Boy as like, practice for this new, Deja Vu version...does that make me shallow(er)?

also, hit on a really hot guy today on the personals. Probably won't hear back, but yeah. I pretty much just gave into lust & attempted to be witty. I'm sure I failed, but I get points for trying, right?


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