Friday, November 25, 2005

Can we have a taping intervention?

So my hands have been a wee bit...battered as of late, thanks to rowing. (battered=open sores which really suck when you have long hair and it gets to the point where you fear having to shower. I mean, don't worry, I'm still showering, but I just really don't like washing my hair right now. But I'm totally showering - just so we're clear.)

But in rowing, you don't wear gloves. It's like a point of pride - rowers don't wear gloves. Which means that a couple of us have been trying all sorts of tape configurations in a vain attempt to preserve what's left of the skin on our hands.

Today's experiment included me just giving up & wrapping my knuckles up the way I used to when I was boxing. I mean, that just covers everything, right? Considering that T announced today we'd be doing a timed lap of the Marina (aka, the equivalent of a race) it seemed like a decent test of this new configuration...

For about 4k, it worked fiiiine. Little sticky but all right. Actually, on my right hand the sticky worked out well, since i could actually flip w/o gripping the oar - the tape had kind of solidifed & stuck my hand to the handle, so there was no grip required. heh.

Then, the tape started to left hand in particular. The constant rubbing of the oar as it flipped made the tape slowly roll upwards, which was actually really uncomfortable. meanwhile, you know...still rowing. can't stop, middle of a distance piece...but the tape is still rolling up.

This is the part where you just keep rowing, but you have thoughts like, "Okay, everybody, we need to go a little faster now, because I'm not sure which will give out first - the end of the course, or the tape on my hands...and this could be verra bad..."

Turns out the answer to the question was the tape on my hands. We were literally about, oh, 1k from the finish, and it happened - the oar stuck to my hand, I couldn't feather, and I caught a crab. For the non-rowers, this means that my oar went into the water the wrong way, and the force of the boat's movement sucked it under, which means you have an oar handle going straight for your head.

Now, I've gotten fairly good at recovering from a crab - normally, I just lean back, lift the oar out of the water, & keep going.

Not. Today.

That motherfucker was gone faster than a cheap prom dress at 2 am, I tell ya. I literally just laid down in my seat, which of course scared the crap out of R.S. Monkey who was sitting behind me, since all of a sudden she's got me in her lap. (Hi, how are ya, scuse me, sorry...) and yes, R.S. Monkey to answer your question, I did bounce my skull off the gunnel, but I figured that given the choice between that & having the butt of the oar inflict a concussion & a big ass mark on my forehead, that was the lesser of the evils.

Needless to say, I have to go order those neoprene handguards now, 'cause um, yeah. Everybody else can be a badass, but I give up. As long as they don't take time penalties for it in a race, I'm wearing the frackin' handguards.

And in a moment of sad commentary on me, T looked a little surprised when he asked, "Seriously, are you all right?" and I was like, "Yeah, I'm fine..." I didn't have the heart to explain that after a couple years of fight training combined with general clumsiness, I just have a high pain tolerance.

Well okay - a high pain tolerance for everything except, it would seem, blisters on my hands.

Note: I would still like to maintain that the best line of the morning was my 3 Seat (whom we call Scolio, it's a thing) remarking that she didn't know we were doing the entire distance piece until about halfway through when we turned around at the bottom of the marina and Scolio was thinking, "You know, I could totally use a rest...wait, we're going back up too? Without stopping?" ahahahahaaaa...


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