Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Centrifugal force does not exist.

For some reason, I had that lecture from physics in my brain this morning as I did a 2k on the erg...and then I opened a browser when I got to work, & saw they had an item named "Define centripedal force".So hey - I guess I'm not the only person in the world having random physics thoughts.

I always liked physics. The theory, anyway. It was the math that kicked my ass.

Went & rowed with The Big Kids (as I jokingly call them) today. Felt like the shortest kid on the short bus that just got mainstreamed. I suck once we get to a higher speed stroke per minute. seriously. I went & sat on the erg after (there was a line for the shower) - I think I'm going to have to just resign myself to bonding with my buddy the erg & working on getting a solid, controlled 24 and then working my way up on the stroke rate. As I told HH, one cannot hate the erg, or the erg will hate back. "You must woo the erg..."
so here I go, wooing the erg. ;)

In other news, Katie's being slow on getting a lifting program, and I can't believe that putting "Womens' crew winter lifting program" gives me everything BUT a lifting routine. What the hell? Coaches nowadays aren't as dependent on the intenet as the rest of us? Rather annoying, that.

Hey - turns out that at Money!Co, when you have an ad in a magazine that you designed, they actually give you a copy of the magazine instead of you having to go out & buy it to have it for your portfolio! oh my god, it's like...courtesy to your employees! I dunno if I can take this kind of shock, but I'll work on it.


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