Sunday, November 27, 2005

nice to meet you, anyway...

Just for the record, dating in LA - sucks. Sucks Big giant HONKIN' Monkey Balls.

Went on yet another blind date today (, btw, has way better personals than match. just in case anyone's looking) and you know, I go out with these guys, and they're perfectly nice guys, but...I just don't give a shit. there's no ooph. and the one guy that I did like - we go out on a few dates, and he calls me up on Fri night & goes, "I can't see you any more...." because he's having issues and can't get close to anyone right now. Well, on the one hand, yes at least he was decent enough to call & say something instead of just fading off into the ether. On the other hand - I actually liked that one, dammit!

also, hello? This is LA. We have more shrinks per square mile than Nebraska has corn. In this town, everyone's got issues. Hell, I've got more issues than a library! My take on it isn't whether or not you have issues, but more whether your issues & my issues live well together.

I dunno. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm broken. because seriously, I'm beginning to think I'm broken. Or just an incredibly picky bitch. is that it? Should I like, lower my standards? I don't even know that I have standards - it more a gut thing with me. It's just, I'm looking for...oomph, so to speak. You know? That you're standing next to someone, and you want to grab their hand, or kiss them on the cheek, and it just smile when they're around.

It's not like I'm looking for marriage, gods know. I can barely manage to take care of myself & the dog right now...but it would be nice to go out with someone on a first date that I'd be interested in seeing for a second date, and just...someone that I enjoy spending time with, and if something happens, it happens, and yay, but it doesn't have to happen. although having some regular sex thrown into that equation wouldn't be unwelcome. *g* and how do you do that, other than to keep meeting people you don't mesh with until you find someone you do?

It's just the until you get there part that sucks, I suppose.

oh and on a note of "yeah right" -

much like my desire to find Eric Bana & do bad things to him until neither of us could walk after seeing Troy...

...having heard John Mayer's new CD, I'd like to state that he is one of the few boys I would be willing to have as my babies' daddy*. ;)

*until I got to LA, I never realized people used that term in all seriousness, but they do. that's an actual relationship classification that's right up there with brother-in-law or somesuch. wacky!


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