Monday, November 21, 2005

you go. No, YOU go....

So this am, I was supposed to go do a 6k test on the erg. I kinda bailed on the one on Wed. due to having a stomach flu the same day that my monthly visitor arrived early. Normally I don't have PMS issues,but hey - just a freakish confluence of health issues, what can I say?

Anyway, so there were a couple of us that missed the appointed time for various reasons. Myself, HH, and three people I shall call L1, L2, & L3.

As with many things in life, there are the people that get it, & those that don't. In terms of rowing...L1, L2, & L3...don't get it. They're just - if you think about it, these are the people that in your office, you hope like hell isn't who you have to make a presentation to the CEO with. Does that make sense? You're sure that hey, they're perfectly nice people, it's just that in this particular arena...well, there are some nails on a chalkboard somewhere that I'd rather deal with. But it's a team, it's a club, so you smile, and you're nice, and you're patient, and you explain to the people that have been rowing longer than you how to work the erg that they've been using longer than you... and inwardly, you ::sigh:: a bit. You know how it is.

So I get there, knowing that I have to erg today, & see that L1 - L3 are my other erg buddies for the day. ::cue mental sigh::

Then HH walks in, & (mentally) I'm all "Thank god I'm not alone!"
out loud I possibly said, "Bitch, you have to erg!" because hey, I'm friendly that way. In truth, that was kinda friendly - in New England, sarcasm isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. Katie & I are often way meaner to one another.

HH is a "gets it" person. I'm gonna be up front here. I'm a snooty rower - my friends are snooty rowers, and really, that's the way you have to be when you're racing, because if the people in your boat aren't there to work, they shouldn't be in the boat. HH is one of the few guys in the club, and after a couple conversations, it was decided that we would adopt him & make him an honorary part of our girls' club, because he's Our Kind of People - admittedly, this is partly because while he seems really nice, and he's got the whole clean cut lawyer-boy thing going on...he's just as petty & twisted as we are. Initially, he'll act all quiet & nice & all that good shit, but yeah. No no, he's just as bad, possibly worse.

Now, there were five ergs, and only two of them worked. Fuck. There's five of us. And since both HH & I have the unfortunate habit of showing up five (or ten) minutes late to practice, we had last dibs.

Taking our options into consideration, I looked at HH & went, "Wanna go for a run?"

Meanwhile, the Three Stooges are trying to figure out how to have all five of us do 6k in the time allotted on two machines. (which you pretty much can't do, btw.) L1 is crunching on a PowerBar with all the culinary etiquette of a cow processing cud, L2 is busy telling everyone that she can wait because she doesn't have to go to work until late, and L3 is questioning me as to my electrolyte balance due to the aforementioned illness last Wed. that is the reason I didn't finish the gorram test then.

I manage to escape to do...something, I don't remember what, and HH & I look at one another, & he goes, "I hate them!"
I couldn't help it, I laughed so hard - you know, sometimes, you feel like you're the meanest person in the world? I had been feeling like that, and then HH said exactly what I was thinking. Thank you man, thank you so much.

However, friendship only goes so far.

Me : "I am so tempted to just go to the gym & use the erg there." (HH & I discovered we go to the same gym)
HH "Why can't we do that? I could use the one at the gym at my work."

But now L3 has heard what we said, and since she's like, some sort of competitive bodybuilder or somesuchshit, she's all, "Well I could just take you guys over to my gym, it's got four ergs." (Our gym only has one)

My brain - Oh dear god. Not one on one. I couldn't take one on one, I need a buffer....
Me : "Um, why don't you go do the one at our gym, and I'll just go tonight & do it..."
HH "No, I think you should go to the one at the gym, I'll use the one at work..."

..and it almost started to descend into a small conversation of "No, really you go..." "Oh I think you should...." for about three minutes because neither of us wanted to somehow end up stuck with L1, L2 & L3 while they attempted to figure it out - it was kind of comical, really. If, you know, comical was somehow equal to "Oh my fucking god who are you people & how come no one's killed you for the good of the pack?".
Oh, admit it. You've so thought about other people.

Then for one split second, it looked as though a third erg worked...and I suddenly was going to be in with the fun...but alas, no, the screen didn't function properly, so I stood up & went, "Oh, too bad!" and made to leave.

HH saw me starting to leave behind him (he was already halfway gone) and went, "Look, I really don't want to do this right now.." and I hissed back, "I don't want to do it either!" So we told the others we were going to go to the gym & do the erg test there, & we both just kinda...left.

Now, personally, I went to the gym. there wasn't enough time to do the erg test, so I went on the elliptical instead. I'll go back tonight & do my 6k test.

Where did HH go? I think the gym at his work, but he wasn't at Golds when I got there. If I find him on the erg when I get there tonight, I'm going to laugh my ass off.

Welcome to crew. Because at 5 am, you just can't manage any semblance of maturity. ;)


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