Saturday, December 31, 2005

But - I have a theory. Everybody in the whole city is having sex at the exact same moment except us...but we will press on.

Granted, I had only put Must Love Dogs on my NetFlix list out of deference to the $250/day they were kind enough to pay Special K to be one of the rowers.
A fact about which I was informed, "Fuck you, I am key, we make the magic happen, dammit!" ~ Special K

Upon watching, I discovered 2 things:
1. Maybe it's just me & my life at the moment, but that movie was fucking hilarious.
2. K really wasn't kidding - she's totally key & is the rower going back & forth in the middle of the shot with Diane Lane. When I did extra work, it's like, "I think that might be my elbow", but hers is totally, "Holy crap, that's K!"

Meanwhile, after Jesse, James & Jordan since October, my New Year's Resolution is to date guys whose names don't start with J. It wasn't a planned thing, but I'm taking nominations for the next letter in the alphabet, 'cause I think I need to diversify. ;)


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