Saturday, December 31, 2005

New World order - 12/31

Today's list.

Freelance work:
• Reformat Ludlow Wellness Center file & send out CDs
yes, this is a repeat, but burning all of those DVDs last night actually tied up my computer until this morning, & since the files I needed to work off of are on a CD...yeah, it got bumped.
• update pictures for Votd - print all invoices
• do music player for

• Do laundry
neighbors tied up the washer/dryer last night, but it's going as I type.
• do all mending

• clean car
it's raining like crazy here in LA right now...we're gonna try this one tomorrow, most likely
• fill out paperwork to finish hr file for insurance
• drop paperwork for Msngr!Co. at office
• file the damn inbox
• buy phone card

• trace out architecture onto sketchpad to begin prelim sketch


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