Friday, December 16, 2005

Seriously? This life of sex drugs & rock n' roll is gonna be the death of me.

I'm pulling a hat trick here so that I can't do what often happens when I write a list - namely, losing the piece of paper.
shut it, Bow Seat.

Laundry detergent
toilet paper
$1 CD case

--> clean house before EPA shuts apt. down as newly discovered Superfund site.
--> do laundry for same reason
--> wash bedding so it smells less "canine-inhibited"
--> bathe dog once you've found her from under abovementioned laundry & Superfund site remains.
--> make biscuits to go to various neighbors for Christmas as part of the 1049 dog-walking-for-food program.
--> work on CPassoc. site.
--> work on portfolio
--> set up Zoey's Annual Holiday Shame Greeting.
--> put afghan pieces together into one bag so that afghan can be finished while messengering tomorrow afternoon.
--> check e-mail see if latest candidate will be available for stereotypical caffeinated audition Sunday night.
--> put up pictures on - make invoices for last trail of work & burn appropriate CDs.
--> seal up boxes to go back east - rumor has it that allows for postage to be printed on plain paper & paid for with credit card, this MAY possibly save other people's lives.
I have a very strong survival instinct, muthafuckah - it's not me that's to be worried about.
--> finish burning DVDs of Rome, S.1 to send back east to Dad.
pirating is wrong, yo.
--> fold laundry & actually PUT AWAY - do not leave in basket for the week to be pulled out when used as has per previous strategem.


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