Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday Morning Short Bus Special...

that's me, boys & girls. 'cause hey, I'll bet the people I sculled with this morning would be verra happy to take an oar & SMACK ME with it.

I show up the am, & G says, "Have you sculled?" I respond, "A little..." (meaning like, five times, thanks) He puts me in the boat with Beavis, who's been sculling for a year, M who normally rows with Special K's crew, and P, who's learning how to work bow (in sculling, there is no coswain, so the bow seat steers)...I looked at the lineup & thought, "Um, maybe I should erg..."

::sigh:: I didn't crab or anything, I was just...I wasn't in sync with the stern pair, that's all there was to it. And we were doing distance pieces, so it just really kinda sucked. How much did it suck? When you get to the end and the coach's version of a review is that you'd probably benefit from some private sculling lessons...yeah thanks, that's wicked helpful. Especially since the practice started with me being told I shouldn't have to tape up the way I do. Yeah thanks, but every time I've asked for help on my grip, I get told to just tape up, so hey, if you could all fucking decide to either a) tell me what I'm doing wrong so I don't have to tape or b) lay the fuck off me for taping, that'd be great, thanks. As I finally told G this morning, "If I don't tape, I can't type. If I can't type, I can't work. If I can't work, I can't afford to row. How's that for cyclical reasoning?"

What makes me feel really bad is that Denise was on the launch for the practice -- she's got way more experience than me, & really should have been in the boat, which would have given Beavis & M a far smoother row, so basically, I wasted everyone's time by showing up today. Go me!

The result being that now that I have my final tonight (oh, it's a bang up week, trust me) I'll have to see about showing up for Thurs. pm sculling with T between now & when winter semester starts. I mean, I know there's a learning curve. I'm aware of that. I just feel bad for everyone else that has to deal with me while I catch up - esp. since most of the people on Tues. am rowed in college, and I've been at it for less than six mos., so my learning curve is pretty effin' big.

and tomorrow morning is the last 6k erg test of the season -- here's hoping I can make it through the whole thing this time and don't have to bail so I can go outside & throw up in a trash can like I did for the Nov. testing. Rowing as a sport, my friends, good times, good times...

For 2006, I would hereby like to request that we somehow work the erg test schedule so that it's not that one special week every. single. time. There are three other weeks in every month, Coach I. I know you're not doing it on purpose, but jeezum peezum, why does it always end up being the week I have chick issues*?

*Let's not even start on the fact that I never used to even have chick issues - when I was
fat(ter), I never had PMS, and was almost never cold. I lose 50 lbs, I spend a week every month in constant need of a nap, and suddenly I get cold all the damn time. Not. Fair.

< /rant>
< apologies for the whining>


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

no apologies necessary!

hey, if nothing else, I know you'll do just fine! on your final tonight. Cuz you're smart and stuff! And goll darn it, people like you!


At 11:09 AM, Blogger R.S. Monkey said...

And this is why I haven't gone to those Tuesday practices! Missed you this morning...check your email for the update :-)

At 11:37 AM, Blogger claris said...

dude, I was so tired that I got to work today & realized I'd put my sweater on inside out. can you imagine me attempting an erg workout?

also - check your phone, fwd the commentary ...

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

how wenteth el finale este noche past?


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