Friday, December 16, 2005

well that was kinda crap.

I finally manage to get my sorry arse to crew this morning to do a 6k test.

First off - CRAP times. UTTER CRAP. I pulled WORSE on this one than I did on the previous.

Second - there I am, I get up, I get some water, I get my little notebook to write down my times...sit down on the erg, reach up to hit memory to get my breakdowns....
The display turns off.


I hit "on", and no no, grasshopper, everything is at zero. ::slump shoulders:: I have no times. I have to do it ALL OVER. I mean, yes, I had a crap result, but I had a result. I was done! Now, not so much.

Thankfully, when I got in off the launch, she knew how to recall the data from the memory. I was so happy I could have hugged that 6"1' Bulgarian girl with the french manicured pedicure, I can't even tell you.

In retrospect, what she did to get the readings back was nothing that I shouldn't have figured out on my own to do. however, in a sad commentary on my life & times, I have become so accustomed to things involving me & paperwork/buracracy/recordkeeping/test results, etc. being A Thing of Chaos that when I couldn't get the results from the erg, I just kind of sighed & thought, "Well, T does a Monday pm practice...I'll just come redo my 6k then..."

There's commentary in that somewhere. And if I didn't have about ten million things to do this weekend, I might even figure out what that commentary was. Ah well, guess I'll just have to live with my lack of personal insight.


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