Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter just wasn't my season...

Or maybe just finals. Hrm.

So far, in preparing for tonight's assignment turning in, I've missed two crew practices, and possibly...my mind. I'm also horribly behind on freelance work. You know, at the end of every semester, I have that moment where I go, "what the fuck am I doing going to school? I have a job, and I could just be a designer for ever & ever, why do I torture myself this way?"

But then I'll have a sitcheeay-chun where I can do something in programming or whatnot that others cannot because I have been a good girl & I am diversifying my skill set, and I am glad I am in school...which possibly means that I'm getting this degree solely because I'm such a control freak that I'm becoming megalomanical about the Internet.

Heh. Neat.

Anyway, tonight's the final, and then I have time off until the 1st of the year, at which point I shall attempt C# programming, gods help you all me. then spring semester will most likely be Java & Flash ActionScripting - yes, yes, the two classes I dropped my first semester at school. Thankfully, there's a different Java professor, so I've got a WAY better chance of a) finishing the class & b) having less occurances of repressing the urge to jump up & throttle my teacher while yelling, "HOW THE FUCK WOULD I ACTUALLY USE THIS, YOU WASHED UP HIPPIE WHO'S NEVER WORKED IN THE INDUSTRY BUT GOT A MASTERS IN IT ANYWAY*?**"
*Oh please. Like you haven't had that teacher. You can't lie to me, dude, I work in advertising and I know lawyers.
**oddly enough, I found out after having dropped the class that I was not the only one that had that reaction - it seems that out of an original class of 15, 6 of us are retaking the class in the spring. That does make me feel less stipud.

What to do with all that free time, that's my conundrum... Vacation? psh, who takes those? Even if I did go back east for the Holiday-type-Daze....seeing my family isn't really a vacation. I could paint. I could catch up on freelance work. I could possibly finish editing the damn book and start sending chapters out...

...Okay, so actually I'm going to be starting a part time gig where I'm paid a ridiculous amt. of money to transport lab samples. Why? Please see the part about "paid a ridiculous amt. of money". Special K's Boy called today to confirm & see if I wanted to work both Sat & then Sun after the regatta, so I guess the job's a go. I'll head up Thurs. night & pick up the required swag, which I know is at minimum a (company!) Nextel, a shirt & a cooler thingy - turns out insulated lunch bag types? Not just for beating up your sibling at the bus stop anymore!

In truth, because I've been warned that there is a good amt. of time spent just waiting around for the labs to get all their shit together, I'm probably going to invest in a PC laptop so that I can do homework....seriously, totally for homework!

*Don't worry Adina - one day, I'll take a vacation. No, really, I will!

btw, am I the only one finding amusement in Saddam Hussein complaining about being treated unfairly in a courtroom?

Personally, I think the only good thing that came out of this is that that motherfucker might get executed, so I admit that I loved the following sentence :
Under Iraqi law, a court can force a defendant to attend a trial if he is not willing, said Iraqi lawyer Bassem al-Khalili.

And who shaped a good portion of Iraqi law? Let me see...

Ha ha, motherfucker. Possibly the only way knowing that man died could get better would be if every woman he had raped & every child he took parents or family from got to walk up and kick him in the balls first, and then he got shot in the head by a white woman.

I wholly believe in justice - it's just that my idea of justice can have th adjective "creative" appended. For instance, I am of the opinion that when Bush's liver finally gives out due to extensive alcohol poisoning, I hope the only doctor that can perform the surgery is a Jewish lesbian that's pregnant and has gotten married in Massachusetts. Because I'm fun that way.

In other news, the other three members of The Mighty Four are hyped on wearing antlers for Sunday's race. Oh dear.


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