Friday, December 02, 2005

"Yeah, the fact that those aren't all in the same line is really fucking with my chi."

My project managers give the best feedback.

Special K rowed with us this morning, which was interesting. Special's been out for the last two months with tendonitis, which is why I recruited her to start being our coswain for The Mighty Four...that worked out pretty well up to our first race the first weekend of Nov., but since then, there's always been something that one of the five of us couldn't make it, rah rah the four of us haven't rowed w/ our cox in about a month. Since Beavis was going to be out today & she rows starboard, I asked Special K if she'd sit in & we'd get a different cox, since Special can't 'zactly just jump back in with the girls that pull development times after she's been off the water (and not even allowed to erg) for two months.

It was kinda nice to a) not sit stroke & be able to just enjoy rowing and b) see how we row when we're all put in a different line up. Plus we had ZenMaster R as our cox, which is was nifty, because R is just...he's a rock, man. The most mellow guy I have ever met -- and considering some of my neighbors, that's saying something.

Other than that, my attempt at a solid 24 stroke with a 2:00 min split continues - I went up to 2500k today after practice, & had a 2.03.5 avg. split. Kinda sucks, 'cause I was down to 2.01.9 on Wed. night, but that is also affected by the fact that I hadn't just done a full practice right beforehand. However, since I have issues with overachievement, I'll be sitting down tomorrow before the 7:20am practice to see if I can't pull a 2500 with a 2.01 avg. split.
I was talking to D as I set up the erg, & when I mentioned that my last avg had been 2.01.9, Coach T was like, "I don't even pull that!" Well, what can I say, there are at least SOME advantages to the fact I am what we shall kindly term "country-built". Or, as one former co-worker so kindly asked me one day, "Did you grow up on a ranch?* 'cause I can totally see you doing like, manual labor with horses or something." Right.

In other news, it turns out that erging every day? Makes your butt sore. I'm not quite at the point where you make a little gasp every time you sit down (you know, the day after you start lifting again when you've taken six mos. off? Yeah, that day)....but I'll admit, I'm close. I've also learned that I push more with my right leg than my left. I know this because my right leg hurts more. How's that for powers of deduction?

Oh, and I'm effin' ravenous. Kind of a funny difference between this time a year ago when I couldn't eat anything...I made this winter vegetable soup over the weekend, & got some good rolls at Trader Joe's, and that's pretty much become my breakfast when I get to work right after practice, because my meansily little yogurt that I used to have? Pretty much not getting the job done anymore...

* the answer, btw, is no, I did not grow up on a ranch. I grew up in New England, which means that instead of being able to ride a horse, I just have a lot of sarcasm.

Meanwhile in non-crew news, I called Special K's Boy (whom I have yet to find a name for other than Special K's Boy) 'cause she said they've got work that I could pick up on the weekends, and honestly, if I can speed up in my attempt to actually save money in my ING account, that would be spiffy. Turns out Special's Boy has some killer guaranteed runs that will probably start next weekend that, well, as I said to Special this morning, "Dude, I didn't know you could make that much money in two days!" (and before anyone asks, there's no porn, but there are samples of bodily fluids. Not mine, other people's...yeah, never mind. It's legal, it's profitable, and I don't run the tests, I just drive the samples from one lab to another.)

Plus I can bring Zoey. I don't think it gets better than that, really.

Speaking of Zoey, we walked down to the Grove last night so that I could get a book - the book wasn't there, Megdalen, so I put it on order, Zoey got attention from everyone in a 20 ft. radius, and I still ended up dropping $40 on books I hadn't intended to get - the Barnes & Nobles card, ladies & gents -- possibly the best $25/yr you can spend.

Also, I think that due to the lack of things I like at the Gap this sales cycle & my poor kid pride inhibiting my ability to pay some of Nordstrom's prices, I'm going to have to cave & get some shirts from Amberpimpin' & Bitch... they're the only place selling women's shirts that are actually long enough for me. Granted, they're supposed to be dress-like on the Tiny Perfect Girls that they recruit to work there,** but on me, they're just normal. Think I'll traumatize the cashier when they realize my double-digit sized arse intends to wear the clothing, not just give it to someone else? Hopefully, they'll just use it as a learning experience. It'll give them something to ponder the next time they have to stand outside the door to the store wearing naught but their underwear.***

.... After all, if I can't widen the horizons of a wanna-be cokehead model/actress working retail, what kind of life can I say I've lived?

**They really do recruit you to work there based on how you look. Special K had someone walk up & ask her one day when she was in college.
*** no, I'm not making that up. this is L.A.


At 12:56 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

Or, as one former co-worker so kindly asked me one day, "Did you grow up on a ranch?* 'cause I can totally see you doing like, manual labor with horses or something." Right.

Really, I should know better than to read your posts while eating or drinking..... *mops soup residue off of monitor*

the answer, btw, is no, I did not grow up on a ranch. I grew up in New England, which means that instead of being able to ride a horse, I just have a lot of sarcasm.
well, most riders I know share the sarcasm bug, so you are still mostly on track....

At 3:19 PM, Blogger claris said...

I swear to god, I get that all the time. Seriously.

When a guy security guard is holding a suspect that is female, another female must be in the same room the entire time in order to prevent charges of harassment. I was one of the guy's favored people to have fill that position - to the point that during Christmas, I would bring knitting to work for when I was sitting there, waiting for the cops.

So they pick up this totally ghetto skinny little black girl who's got about $700 worth of stuff that she tried to hide in a baby stroller. (because that always works.) this one...she just...she wasn't that smart, dude.

Anyway, so there she is, sitting there, waiting for the cops to come pick her up so they can charge her for felony theft (over $500, it's a felony in the US), and randomly, she turns to me & says, "Are you from the country? 'cause you look country."

I'm...sorry? You're at a point in your life where you're going to have to answer charges in a federal court, and that's what's on your mind?

There's just somethin' about me, I tell you. I don't know what it is, but I'd like to have it removed post-haste.

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous raithen said...

Hey, being from the country ain't all bad, sweetie!

We've got the cowboys, after all. And trust me, someone who spends all day working with his hands, and with a horse between his legs? Well, let's just say that thems be some DAMN transferable skills.... ;)


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