Wednesday, December 21, 2005


heh. H3 was in fine form for this morning's row. It was an...interesting lineup, including our favorite PowerBar sporting rower, who was behind H3. But it was very laid back, you's the week before Christmas, there was JUST enough people for a boat & a double, Coach T cox-ed (which means I'm so totally cox-ing on Friday, gods help them all) It's a chill kind of row.

H3 was not in a chill sort of mode. I laughed at him, I couldn't help it - when we were docking, I looked back to actually, you know, see the dock, and just the look on H3's face made me lose my shit. he was in total impatient & hyper 5 yr old mode. Is it like, that time of the year for guys with a JD or what, because the PM we have here who used to be a lawyer was like that yesterday too - to the point where I threatened to tranq him. Is this a cyclical thing for guys?

Anyway, we were giving the coaches their gifts for Christmas, & D asked me to make sure people didn't run off, so I tell H3 "Hold up, don't leave yet." He's all, "Hey, time is money, come on..." (for my lawgeekers - why yes, I believe he is a big firm lawyer with billables, how could you tell?) so I grab him by the shoulders & go, "YOU MUST CHILL - I have taken your firebird keys!"
To which Coach T corrected me that the line was "I have hidden your keys" - I didn't feel like explaining that I was quoting lawgeekgurl's misquote of the original line, but yah. Point was gotten across.

R.S. Monkey, I seriously think that once Special K gets back from Hawaii, we need to organize an outing involving a bar and possibly pool for our group at crew, and we're going to have to drag H3 along with us. I mean, I'm not suggesting we get him plastered & leave him with strippers or anything, but dude - that boy needs some zen. And while I realize this might sound funny to my bow seat who only knows me from crew - when I'm saying that someone needs to go have fun, that's a sad, sad thing. Just ask my non-crew people -- I'm the girl that this time last year had three jobs & two college classes. Besides, if I'm not going back east for the holidays, I need to get my slightly seedy bar where things are made of wood & don't look like they walked out of IKEA quota somewhere, so methinks we need to get on this.

The good news is that it took three days, but I can walk w/o pain since starting my new lifting program. My problem being that years of running & kickboxing mean that for me to actually feel lifting, it involves a starting point of bar + 60. However, the fact that I seem to have healed up from Sunday's initial foray can only have one response - time to go again tonight!

Sadly for the rest of my crew team I believe I'm cox-ing Friday. There's pretty much nothing to save me now...


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