Monday, January 30, 2006

Lucy, I'm home!

Total: twenty-nine dollars!

I said that like, five times this weekend. Why? Because I was dogsitting my next door neighbor's pooch, and her name is Lucy, so how can you not call that out when you get home? I dare you to defy the urge!

New List Time:
1. Cook food so you do not piss away money on take out when you've already bought food to cook, dumbass.
2. Last load of laundry.
3. Bedding since you might as well go to the laundromat anyway due to the fact your landlord did not replace the washer/dryer in the building, but thinks that fixing the dryer so it doesn't sound like it's going to blow up and actually dries clothing warrants upping the price of the washer and dryer to $1.25 each. Anyone here know how to say 'Fuck you' in Russian?
4. Hang curtain rod in living room.
5. Clean house
6. Upload last graphic to site, hopefully burn CDs & package up CDs & invoice to go out. (yay! Invoice!)
7. Attempt to make some semblance of order out of chaos of apartment.
8. Update financial spreadsheet.
9. Also package up other mail to go out.
10. Pack bag for crew for tomorrow morning - also include second set of clothes for sculling tomorrow night
11. Take dog for run.
12. Sleep.
13. Don't forget to get up for crew.

...and that should bring us to the next entry. Hoo baby, my life is a whirlygig o' fun.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Zoey doesn't understand why Starbucks won't let her in.

Total: twenty-five dollars!

One does not realize the vast difference in the volume needed to drown out the background noise at the gym vs. the background noise needed to drown out the office until you turn on the Nano the next morning. Ow.

Sat down & had the "chatting about the creative process" thingy with my bosses & that charmer of a copywriter today. It was...interesting. If by interesting one means "Wow dude, that guy fell over like a house of cards....::eyes speculatively:: This isn't your first time getting busted for this shiznit at a job, is it?"

See, his problem was twofold -
1. I know exactly the kind of man you are, because I used to have you for a boss.
2. I also know enough not to make a fuss, but to have simply gone in to our boss very quietly, explained the problem, & handed her two weeks' worth of e-mails where you actually wrote down a small instructional showing how you're trying to control the whole process -- and you did this because you haven't caught on how to play the game & weren't smart enough to be wary when I asked you to start e-mailing me all of your comments because I was really busy & didn't want to forget them if you just told me.

Probably smarter though. I mean, we could go out back & have a pissing contest, but he'd just be disappointed - while he'd still be trying for distance, I'd have written my name in cursive & gone back in where it's warm. ::shrug::

I have to admit, even though I didn't actually have to do anything, or really even say anything, is it wrong that that was kinda fun?
I know, I'm such a bitch.

I will also admit, however, that this morning before I came to work, I also returned the e-mail of the Studio Recruiter. Because life has taught me to play my contingencies.

In events that don't involve corporate machinations, I got up early this morning (even when you don't have crew, you start to just .... wake up. No fair!) so in the interest of actually accomplishing accomplishable things, I gathered a bunch of mail that I'd had to drop off, & Zoey & I took a walk to the post office at 5:30 am. I figured it's two miles 'round trip, that should keep her happy. She was indeed pretty dang chipper, and probably now thinks we should do that every morning. Except you know, she'd add that we should also stop at the park. ;)

Sadly for Zoey, there's crew practice on Friday morning, so not so much with that. ah, well.

Tonight - download client's old site & burn to CD for posterity, hopefully put new site live, then invoice. Sweeeeeeeet....

Also, do paperwork to set up folders for 2006 paperwork tracking. Less sweet. ::sigh::

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh god, it's only Wed. ::sigh::

Total: twenty-four dollars!


Dear Google:

Normally, I'm down with the Google Plan To Make the World Full Of Primary Colors, but right now, I am very disappointed in you.

~ Claris

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Something about this just makes me happy.
PITTSBURGH - A Wyoming rancher with no connection to the University of Pittsburgh has given the school 4,700 acres of land littered with dinosaur fossils.

But my favorite line? When the rancher (for those of you that didn't click, yes, I mean a literal ranch, thanks) comments on the academic value of the properly by saying:
"It's got all the 'ologies,'" Cook said.

In other news, the lineups for the Long Beach race came out, and I think Rock Star Monkey is willing to admit to my amazing psychic powers. Thank you and good night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

These days.

Total: twenty-three dollars!

There's that Monday.

• The day you're dealing with a meglomaniacal copywriter who is the person you would be working with on every project, regardless of project manager.

• The day you start to give serious thought to the fact that as much as you like your work & you're paid well, you're also tired of the constant battle involved in your industry where you spend half your time trying to educate others that your job is Designer, not Pictoral Stenographer.

• The day you talk to Anya on the phone and utter the statement, "I'm three months into my job. I shouldn't already be documenting things and filing e-mails to defend myself later."

• The day that his version of including you in critiques of your own work is to go, talk to the PM beforehand, prep what they want changed, and then have both of them dictate a list of changes and tell you that even if what you're saying is legit, they think that the customers have too short an attention span so we need to make the concept as quick and flashy as possible, and then after the PM leaves, the copywriter doubles back & spends ten minutes standing in your cube hounding you about whether he & I "are okay" because he really wants everything to be okay with us, and despite your assertation that you actually need to get back to work, he continues to try to "connect" with you, because he continues to question if "everything is okay" to the point of being downright harassing.

• The day you realize that you're dealing with the same sort of insecure middle-aged, socially awkward asshole who's trying to make himself feel better by controlling every project he works on obsessively, whether it's his job to do so or not that was the reason you left your last full time job - because a year & a half of fighting wasn't worth the panic attacks, and you know from experience that trying to explain to your boss what she's going to have to deal with ahead of time is no use, because until you've lived it, it just seems like a deleted storyline from Office Space -- funny, but that never really happens, right?

-->That's the day you sit back from you computer at work, sigh, and softly say, "Maybe I should just look for a new job, because I don't have the strength to do this again." And you get up from your desk, and you walk into the parking lot, and you return the phone call of the agency that called you earlier in the week, because you figure it can't hurt.

Then you walk into your apt. exhausted, sit down at your computer to check the outside e-mail you can't access at work, and discover an unsolicited e-mail from a major motion picture studio's recruiter asking if you'd be interested in a Project Manager position in their Entertainment Products division.

Then there's that Tuesday.

• The day when you spend your time staying late at work before sculling to update your resume.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

huh. Well, all right then!

Total: eighteen dollars!

Did anyone else kind of stop, furrow a brow, & go, "Ooookayyy...." at the following headline on Yahoo?

Bin Laden Threatens Attacks, Offers Truce

Seems it's not just the U.S. leadership that thinks linear thought is naught but a wacky phase for the weak of heart....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hrm. this one is gonna have to be done in stages...

Total: seventeen dollars!

So one of my neighbors is a reiki/energy guidance type-person. I was talking to her the other night & she informed me that I have much stronger male energy than female, and in order to bring some more balance into my life, I should try to find ways to integrate a more feminine energy into my life.

::pause entry while Anya laughs::

::checks watch::

Bitch, aren't you done yet?

::sighs & leaves still laughing Anya behind as the rest of us move on::

Anyway, with that in mind, and since I had to bring Flat Stanley to Hollywood & Highland so that he could get pictures taken at Mann's Chinese Theatre (project for someone's kid, don't ask), I figured after I taped Stanley to a couple of surfaces & snapped pictures, I would take a wander around because if nothing else, I am lacking in clothing that isn't too large for me, so I'm thinking it's time I worked on that a scoche.

I saw some sweaters in Express that I liked, but they were all XS (end of the year clearance & all that) There was a bolero in Bebe that I would wear, but they only had it in a medium, and while I'm a medium at Gap, at Bebe I will always be an L at the best of times. Two hours. I went through Express, AE, Banana, Victoria's Secret, Lucky Jeans, a couple of the little boutiques there, and I got...

One. Pink....Tank top.

I don't even know if it's pink. It might actually qualify as peach. And I mostly got it because I don't have a lot of light-colored tanks that I can wear under work clothes & it was on sale for $10. but is it just me, or does fashion this season just...suck? It's totally impractical for my life and/or personality. While I might admit that I could expand my color spectrum outside of the normal dark blue/green/red/occasional brown or plum that I tend towards, I will never, ever be a girl that can wear ruffles or flounces. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. And prints are out - OzLady bought me one print shirt for my bday one year b/c she didn't believe my adamant adversity to prints. I tried it on, walked out of the bathroom, & looked at her. She sighed & replied, "Okay, yeah. Let's take it back & get you a gift card. No prints." heh.

I think I may have to expand my search in the Garment District beyond new drapes for the back office & get a couple yards of linen to make myself a few skirts for the spring & summer. 'cause this shit ain' right, yo.

I'm so bad at being a girl.

And stop laughing Anya. People at work are going to start to ask questions if you keep that up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

yeah, I got nuffin'.

Total: sixteen dollars!

New Study Shows that Exercise Helps Delay Dementia
And yet, I'm still a little wacky. Odd, that. ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Mr. Hopkins in car crash on I-93.

Say what you will about the slightly crazy Einstein-lookin' guy, but I always liked him. Bummer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"I like you because you make me look zen."

Total: ten dollars!

Today's subject line brought to you via me as something I said to H3 this morning as we were warming up for the 2k erg test & he just. could. not. stop. talking. heh.

Seriously, I do like H3. He's good people. Little tense though. R.S. Monkey, I hereby give up & cede the challenge of getting H3 to go out with us to you -- he's going to sculling camp Pres. Day weekend - with his mom in town. I was like, "Dude, you're ditching your mom? I have friends coming to town so I'm not going, but you're ditching your mom!"

I will admit though, that if hell freezes over & I sell the manuscript for Book I, H3 is so totally who I'd trust to proof my contracts. ;)

In other news, between my client conference call at 8 pm last night that was an utterly pointless exercise which could totally have been taken care of via e-mail & saved us all the rigamarole of my client's 3-way call system & the discovery that my portable phone's battery was low when it hung up on everyone halfway through the conversation, as well as the revelation that Money!Dot!Com!Co!'s sales office put in for ads to be resized but never actually sent dimensions & can't understand why things weren't done for the deadline to the vendor (a deadline which, as much as designers might joke, literally was yesterday) brain hurts a little.

Also, I seem to have broken my glasses. or, rather lost the screw for the right arm. That's right folks, I am officially missing a screw. ha. ha. hah.

However, because I'm determined to have a happy note to this entry, I'd like to point out that I set up my meals for the rest of the week last night, and I don't have practice tomorrow morning. Let's face it, I probably won't sleep in - it like, goes against my religion or something, but I'll probably get the corrections for done & take Zoey for a run.

Oh, and if someone could explain to me why doing an erg test means that I spend the rest of the day coughing like I'm developing bronchitis, that would be great, thanks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Note to self: Don't be lazy.

Total: nine dollars!

...because it will fuck you up for the rest of the week!

I was lazy on Sunday - I got home from msngring & didn't set up my clothes & meals for the week before I went to bed.

Appalling how that comes back to bite you in the ass. I was rushed all day yesterday, I overslept this morning & missed Tues. am practice, and because I didn't get up, I had to sit & hurriedly do an upload for a client & send out a summary e-mail so that I could do the conference call tonight1, which meant I got out the door even later than I normally do when I don't have practice, and hey, that 15 minutes was enough that I had a ticket on my windshield, because I parked on a Tuesday side of the street2, and hey, it's Tuesday, so there goes $30 of my bank acct. Ah, well.

Oh, I had no gas in my car, so I had to stop & do that. Plus I didn't make lunch, so I have to go forage that. I didn't even have breakfast 'cause I don't have any dried fruit left (yes Adina, I made the bag from CostCo last that long - I mix it with fresh fruit) I'm also kinda hungry.

I really want to just get done with -- G's given in & said let's just completely redo, and that is going to be a huge project, not to mention getting fully finished. That site was done so fast (need-based sit-chee-ay-chun there) and it could be enhanced tenfold. I need to acquire myself a copy of MS Access for the Mac, upgrade my portfolio servers, and probably toss another gig into my G4 to hold me over for a while. I also may end up hooking a 40 GB hard drive to the Mac, even if it's only to hold my music. (Yes, I am losing most of the memory in my computer to music. I admit it - but at least I've burned the entire season of Rome & the half-season worth of Alias downloads to DVD & gotten them off my hard drive.)

Plus, as I said to Anya this morning, the $$ from is going to go towards buying me a laptop. Dude, I think I'm getting a Dell. ;) I need it for school this spring, and it'll be way easier to code if I don't have to ask the professor, "So, what's the Mac equivalent for that?"

In other news, my Tai Chi DVD arrived yesterday, so I think when I get home I'm taking Zoey for a run & trying out the PM routine before I do my conference call tonight. All will be well. Why? because I say so, goddammit.

Also because during the conference call, I fully intend to set up my clothes & meals for the rest of the week so that I don't have to deal with any of this for another couple of days....what? That's the joy of working from home!

1. I've been waking up early lately, so I'd gotten into the habit of doing like an hour of billable freelance work before crew practice. Plus, you'd be amazed how impressed clients are that they're getting e-mails you're working on their acct. that are timestamped for 4:15 am. *g* Except G from votd - her reply was, "What were you doing up? How many times do I have to tell you that crystal & meth are not your friends!" - ours is a special kind of professional relationship. ;)
2. Street cleaning - you can't park on a certain side of the street between the hours of say, 8 - 10 am on Tuesdays, Mondays, whatever day they do that section of the city.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Best. Between-song. Exchange. Ever.

Co-Worker 1: We have a Pulitzer winner on our staff?
Co-Worker 2: Oh yeah.
CW 1: Are you sure?
CW 2: He's a cartoonist. We just hired him.
CW 1: oh, he got it before he worked here. Well, that makes more sense.

Between-song Exchange: the conversation snippets you pick up from your co-workers in the 10 - 20 seconds your Nano is finding another song on random

She could be a farmer in those clothes...

Total: eight dollars!

If you know what movie that's from, you know the DVD I bought for my sister & the fact that even though I didn't watch it, I'm tempted to go get a copy for myself just to make the quotes stop going through my brain.

Mondays are a long day for me - do 5:20 am practice, then go to work, and then I've got sculling at 6:30 pm. I work 2.34 miles* from the boat house, so there's literally no point in going the 15 miles down the 405 & the 10 to get back to my house in the meantime. So I just stay at work an extra hour - figure if nothing else, it makes me look good, even if I'm not 'zactly doing things that could be construed as "work".

Over the weekend, I took Serenity2 in for a leetle stop at the mechanic's due to her decision to develop the very bad habit of threatening to stall out when idling at say, and intersection or other stop & go traffic. This being a problem because - yah, I live in LA, the land of Stop & Go Traffic.
Amongst other things, I need a severe tune-up. And a transmission flush. But here's the fun thing - since the guys at the shop put 'er back stalling out. Which means I can at least hold off on the tranny flush until the end of the month, & for that we are thankful, since I was living in fear of the words "rebuilt transmission" & "1100 dollars." phew3.

I, like E.Spat, cleaned my apt. on a rather hard core level yesterday. From back to front, the whole place got spiffinated. But sadly, not swiffendated, since as I discovered while on the phone with Melly, my Swiffer seems to have gone MIA. My apt is not large, people. (for LA it is, but in like, real people terms - not so much) I have no idea how I misplaced a frackin' Swiffer, unless I lent it to a neighbor & forgot about it. (That happens in ye olde 1049) The result of this being me making the comment to Melly, "Meanwhile I'm on my hands & knees dusting the floor like fucking Cinderella..."

But hey - the apt. is clean, all the laundry is done...tonight I just have to cook for like, ever. Just as I was about to start cooking yesterday, I got a call to deliver some blood from Duarte to LAX, so I did that instead & by the time I got home, I just couldn't make myself do anything except put the clean sheets back on the bed & sleep. Which, incidentally is why I had none of my bags packed this morning, had to rush around the house, and literally ran down the ramp to be at practice on time...squeaking in just as Coach I called my name4.
In fact, I didn't pack lunch for myself, & will therefore be partaking of Panini's Chinese Chicken Salad today...because hey - no bread! Have to bake brownies tonight though - I promised one of my PMs that when we launched this last campaign, I'd make him brownies. I just...can't have any. ::sadness::

In other news, acc. to Sam, Yosemite could blow up any day now, which makes me torn -- on the one hand, I should really go see it while I live in CA & can drive there, especially if it's gonna blow up w/o warning. On the other, knowing me, it would so blow up when I'm there, and I'd just never hear the end of that.

Also? I would so totally drive The Mini Traveller. In a heartbeat - Zoey could fit that!

Also Also? Since I did so much stuff, I have to make a new list. Sweeeeeeeet....

AlsoAlsoAlso? I need to go through my yarn & see what colors I have - a couple of my friends are being all breed-ey, so it's time to knit again....

Oh, and I think waiting for next week's BattleStar Gallactica episode just might kill me. Seriously. Adina's evil, she sent me spoilers!

1. Acc. to Google Maps.
2. formerly the Clarismobile, but re-named due to the milestone of now being not only paid for but also legal in the state of CA - it only took 3.5 yrs of residency, but who's counting other than Lawgeekgurl whose oath on for the bar means she has apoplexy when we discuss my car ins., but that's another subject for another post and a problem to be fixed around Feb, seriously!
3. Those of you that are Joss Whedon fans will understand that my car is named thusly due to the fact that the primary buffer panel is the only thing thathasn't been replaced & at times I'm pretty sure the sheer will of the pilot was the only reason it moved.
4. New rule as of Jan 1st on MWF - if you're not there at 5:20, you don't row. As the girl who often ambled in at 5:23/5:25 am, you can see how this requires a certain amt. of planning & effort on my part.

Friday, January 06, 2006

2k erg check-in #1

Total: five dollars!

Okay, other than that.

The Good News:
2k @ 26 spm -> 5 resistance

distance  |    split   |  strokes p/min.
500         |  1.59.7  |  27spm
1000       |  2.01.2  |  26spm
1500       |  2.00.1  |  26spm
2000       |  1.59.6  |  26spm

Average: |  2.00.1  |  26spm

Total time : 8.00.6 min/2k

We have a 2k erg test next Wed. am - if I can pull a 1.59.5 avg at a 25 spm, I'll be a happy girl. (for now)

R.S. Monkey: what you said in your blog about doing 15 min. pieces - if it took us what? 19 & change unadjusted to do 4k, which is about 3/4 of a lap of the marina, in a sad is it that today the crew we were with had a 15 min. piece in an eight and we didn't even do a full length? If I can cover 2k in 8 min on my own, an 8 should be able to do it in 7 min. Hence with the reason it felt really bad to us this morning.

The Bad News:
how much do I fucking hate this time of year at the gym? I tried to lift after doing my warm up mile run & my 2k, and gave up after doing my squats - not a free bench to be had. I think I'm going to have to wait until after 7 to go to the gym between now & Feb 1s when all the Resolutioners have given up & gone away. Horrible to say - yes. Utterly true - also yes.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Note to Self Post - Clapping.

Don't clap when you have open wounds from blisters 'cause of crew. It will hurt.

::dog goes near something she shouldn't::

::Claris claps twice::


Just because I'm gonna have zen doesn't mean I can't be derisive of your ass.

Total: four dollars!
shut up. You've got your therapy, I've got mine. There're worse motivators in Los Angeles, trust me.

Speaking of which, I'd like to once again take a moment & appreciate the fact that I live in a city where there's billboards for clinics that offer Detoxification Under Anesthesia.

There are bagels on the bookcase across the aisle from me right now, motherfucker. They've been there all day. BAGELS. With cream cheese. And people keep making the Happy Food Noises when they take them for themselves. But no no! I will be strong and resist the siren song of the Carb Gods. ::sob!::

With that in mind, perhaps my audience will be able to understand that as the girl who would presently club a baby seal for the broccoli cheese soup bread bowl from Corner Bakery, I find that to be an unfair advantage if someone else gets to sleep through their DTs.

But no, seriously, let's think about this - not only is it sad that are addicts in this town so spoiled & lazy that Detox Under Happy Gas is socially accepted as a non-extreme method of cracking your drug addiction but the truly sad part is the fact that there are so many of them that this is actually a competitive industry. Seriously. "I'll put you under for less than the guy in Culver City!"

I remember one of my managers from when I worked at Snap in the Snove (Not a real name, but if you're an LA resident you can figure it out) was talking about the fact that her kids grew up in Bev. Hills amongst & with the children of the Rich, Famous, & Ridiculous. And that the way most kids got first cars, it was commonly accepted that by the time these kids had graduated high school, they'd already been through rehab at least once. How pathetic is that? All three of M's kids had all been through rehab for one drug or another at some point by the time they were 20. All three.

In truth, I think one of the things that startled me most when I came out to CA was the opennes of drug use - esp. marijuana. Where I'm from, sure people go for it now & then, but it's not an everyday activity, and honestly, you sort of grow out of it, so to speak - at the least you try to be a little...subtle about it. Here, having a joint is as common as having a drink, and no matter how long I'm out here, I'm still a little taken aback by that.
The fact that when I worked at Spiffy!Hotel, the guys would regularly invite me to go smoke a bowl on my break, or that every so often people would try to tip the valet with a small bag of white powder - the acceptance of it still makes my brain hurt. And maybe that's just me & my puritanical attitude towards it all, but I don't think I'll ever get used to that. I mean, I'm certainly not going to stand there & go all AfterSchool Special on their ass ("Hey man, drug use is wrong - you wanna come to church with me instead?"), the most you'll outwardly see is maybe a Raised Eyebrow of Derision, but in my brain is still that voice that goes, "The... fuck?" Because these people? Are just not. even. pretending.

Anyway, I didn't set out to start to write my views on drug addiction in LA. Because the point of why I was upset in the first place is that somewhere, some vapid spoiled bitch whose car I no doubt parked one night after her stupidly rich boyfriend paid the $28 parking fee at Spiffy!Hotel is now sleeping the happy dreamy nap of a the gassed. Why? Because she can't deal with the fact that the crap she snorted up her nose for fun which caused her to barf along the side of her Jaguar as her boyfriend took her coked-out ass home would now also cause withdrawl symptoms including the shakes, and screaming, crying, and possibly more vomiting over the time it takes her to get through the DTs, so she's got some nice facility to put her under because gods forbid she ever looks ugly.

Or maybe I'm just more bitter about the fact that if she can afford that, she can probably also afford lyposuction, so she gets to eat bread. Toss up, really.

I know Megdalen - I really need to write that book about valeting. I'll get to it...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You know how it is - some mothers smother with love...mine used pillows.

Total: three dollars!

So I think my quote of the day for yesterday has a hands-down winner in the phrase, "Well, I thought about calling back my drunk mother, but I decided to call you instead."
Melly agreed that was the better decision & really, shows growth for me as a person.
Yes, Anya, that's why I didn't bother leaving a msg. when I called your house.
I dunno though. If it keeps up like this, I think if I go back east to do crew camp this summer, my visit to New England may involve my sister & I sitting my mom down & discussing a little thing called AA. If nothing else, as I pointed out to Melly - it must totally run up their long-distance bill, and I'm probably the last person to be my mom's sponsor, thanks.

Acc. to the IM left on my computer Adina got bored & started herself a blog. (I'm moving you all off LJ, one by one mwahahahaaa...) Unfortunately, the AIM did not include a url, so I have no idea what that blog is called. Ah, well.

Also, one of our PMs is just way too energetic by far. Seriously, I think we need to tranq the man - just a little, please. Just being the same room with him makes me a little manic. and when I say that, really...sad.

Have I mentioned that this whole ordered life attempt thing means that have to participate in copious amts. of planning? because no one warned me about that. I had to actually think ahead today, and that's just wrong, yo. I left my house at 4:45 am with a backpack with my stuff for work & my lunch, my gym bag so I could shower after crew, and then another set of gym clothes so I can go run & lift after work*.

And, just because she's been making with the Casting Of Baleful Looks again, I think since there's no morning crew practice tomorrow (sculling at night though), Zoey's going for a 4 mile run. Who knows, I might even go with her.

*for those of you wondering about Zoey, a neighbor walks her on MWF - yes, my dog has her own nanny now, I'm so very LA.

Crap. I think it's also time to make a new list.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

making progress...and getting brownies.

Total: two dollars!
yes, I am aware that this will no doubt become a long-standing joke well after my six weeks is up. I can live with that.

Last night, I showed up for sculling with Coach T - I was actually rather looking forward to it, because he has a heavy emphasis on the minutae of rowing technique, which now completely makes sense because I found out last night he used to be a mechanical engineer, so the whole breakdown of each specific detail of the stroke falls in line with the approach of an engineer. (just ask lawgeekgurl's brother. how they are related, I still do not know) One of the things that R.S. Monkey & I have discussed in the past is the fact that because, well, esp. for the members of The Mighty Four - we progressed a little faster than they really expected a Novvie Four to go, and I think sometimes because of that the coaches forget that we've been rowing for less than a year (but hey - R.S. Monkey! We're like, six month veterans now! ::sniff!::), and they, and don't always explain things that we wouldn't necessarily know. Meanwhile, T breaks technique down to the nano-inth -- we couldn't go out on the water last night*, so we stayed in the boathouse & went over grip & other theory...I even learned an eentsie bit about rigging, it was kind of neat.

On the way out, we were looking at the water, & T was all, "based on this, I don't think I'm going to be rowing tomorrow..." (he doesn't coach on Tues/Thurs., so he often rows his single out with the rest of us) At first I was going to attempt Tues. practice, but then I decided, ya know...when the coaches aren't willing to row in it - that's probably a sign to stay home.

So, of course, it didn't rain this morning, & probably would have been all right to row. ::shrug:: figures.

OMG - I love my agency! The one that got me this job, that is - I just got a box delivered to my desk from a company called "FairyTale Brownies". It's from the girls at CC, congratulating me on getting perm hired. I mean, I can't eat them now what with the fact that I'm thinking they probably doing jive with the Six Week Experiment, but they can go in the freezer & be consumed when The Girls visit on President's Day Weekend. they're even in this spiffy little box with a purple ribbon...Seriously, I know I've been away from SG for like, six mos now (omg, how happy am I about that?) but I'm still not used to nice employers & vendors - I'm all verklempt!

I'm also thinking those bad boys are going to have to be buried under my broccoli in the freezer, or I might get to the end of the six weeks short a dollar or two. Instead, I'm going to have my big ass salad & contemplate that frm now on, I need to use more salad dressing, because kale is a little bit on the bitter side for taste.

*for those of you not up on your worldwide weather, it's been raining the last week or so here in LA. Like, houses floating away kind of rain. that tends to eff up the water for rowing.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Shit, I'm gonna have to cook.

I've discovered a very simple, but still painful fact - just about every gorram snack ever has bread of some sort in it. Seriously. I went to, which normally, will totally have my back for any recipie I'm looking for - I did a search where the only perameters were "snack" & "low carb".

I got two results - celery, and crispy salami slices. Dude, I could have figured that out on my own, thanks.

Meanwhile this morning's practice sucked ass - it was raining, there was a motherfucker of a current, there were six of us in the boat, and I could not catch D's pace for the life of me. I think I had first day back after a week off broken-ness or something.

But hey, since it's a) monday & b) I don't have class for the next six weeks, anyone wanna guess what I'm doing tonight? Yes my friends, that would be me going to sculling.

and for those of you wondering - yesterday? I got my first dollar. ;)