Friday, January 06, 2006

2k erg check-in #1

Total: five dollars!

Okay, other than that.

The Good News:
2k @ 26 spm -> 5 resistance

distance  |    split   |  strokes p/min.
500         |  1.59.7  |  27spm
1000       |  2.01.2  |  26spm
1500       |  2.00.1  |  26spm
2000       |  1.59.6  |  26spm

Average: |  2.00.1  |  26spm

Total time : 8.00.6 min/2k

We have a 2k erg test next Wed. am - if I can pull a 1.59.5 avg at a 25 spm, I'll be a happy girl. (for now)

R.S. Monkey: what you said in your blog about doing 15 min. pieces - if it took us what? 19 & change unadjusted to do 4k, which is about 3/4 of a lap of the marina, in a sad is it that today the crew we were with had a 15 min. piece in an eight and we didn't even do a full length? If I can cover 2k in 8 min on my own, an 8 should be able to do it in 7 min. Hence with the reason it felt really bad to us this morning.

The Bad News:
how much do I fucking hate this time of year at the gym? I tried to lift after doing my warm up mile run & my 2k, and gave up after doing my squats - not a free bench to be had. I think I'm going to have to wait until after 7 to go to the gym between now & Feb 1s when all the Resolutioners have given up & gone away. Horrible to say - yes. Utterly true - also yes.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

Oh god YES with all the stoopid resolution folks.

We had an INFLUX of fat, unfit SLOBS (nice enough but dear GOD) at aikido Fri night - 11 of them, our instructor, and 9 of the regular members. Twas insane!

and also: 11 years old should be in the KIDS class, not the adult class! (Seriously, I think under 16 should be, or possibly 18 but my sensei disagrees - the 11 year old they are gonna insist though, I think).

anyway. *Grumble*

I sense that there will be a HIGH attrition rate. I was working with one woman (MOm of 2 or 3 kids, seriously flabby and unfit) who mentionned the bowflex they just bought. I bit my tongue, don't worry.....

also, rented Must Love Dogs on your rec this weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it, thx!

and which seat was your rowing buddy in?

At 11:21 AM, Blogger claris said...

raithen, I say this with all love, but this would probably be a good time to let you know that there used to be about 50lbs more of me than there is now. So I don't care how big or small someone is, I get annoyed by the fact that they have no gym etiquette...esp. in LA, where the majority of the "new" women in the gym are about 40 lbs less than I am to start with, but don't know enough to only keep the set of weights they're using with them & not three sets under their seat. Or the guys that leave 45 lb plates on the freeweight bars - I can move them, but the girl who comes after me might not be able to, and then she's screwed trying to do her bech presses.

And it's mostly just the crowd that bothered me. Attrition will take care of them, and only about 1/3 of the Resolutioners will survive this year, just like every other.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous raithen said...

Oh shit, I was worried I'd be misinterpreted. See, I wasn't referring to the size factor so much as the obviousl NYResolution factor. These are not fit people (the teensy teen daughters as much as the less teensy mothers). Which is FINE. Getting fit is laudable.

Weight is neither here nor there, not really. If you are heavy but really want to LEARN, then cool. We have people at the dojo who practice beautifully and are not precisely skinny ;). But they are respectful, and quiet, and try to learn.

I was referring to the "oh we should be fit, aikido would be fun but we DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW THE FUCKING ETIQUETTE OF THE DOJO" factor derisively. They really don't want to do a whole whack of the art, either. I understand that one can only do certain things while learning, but there was a basic disrespect that bugged me.

Plus, when the women du bow flex SCREAMED on the mats, I figured she'd broken something. Um, no, her daughter had accidently kicked her. This is a martial art, not yoga. Stuff happens, if you don't like that go do tai chi or something.

And for me, too, it's the crowd, and the fact that Sensei had to all but ignore the committed students to focus on the new folks.

Also, they were annoying and loud and didn't get the "shh" and "get centered" part of practice etiquette.

Really, twas not the weight. If they all weighed 120 and practiced that way, I'd be frustrated too!

But I'm sorry if I offended!

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous raithen said...

also: losing 50 lbs? TERRIBLY impressive. It took me over 5 years to drop the bulk of the weight I put on when I lived in Europe after highschool, and it wasn't until I moved back to the farm that I finally got back to my pre-Europe weight....


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